Two Guys Made A Tampon Joke On Stage At The RNC

Pretty sure this is a first.

Here are US Marine Corps veterans and former security contractors John Tiegen and Mark Geist, who survived the Benghazi attacks. They spoke at the first day of the Republican National Convention in support of Donald Trump.

Alex Wong / Getty Images

During their speech, where they rehashed their experience in the attack and placed responsibility on Hillary Clinton, Tiegen described a moment where Geist was injured.

Republican National Convention Livestream / Via

And then...this happened.

Republican National Convention Livestream / Via

Understandably, people were a little surprised.

A bit confused.

I'm not a professional historian, but I think this is the first national political convention in American history to feature a tampon joke

Slightly offended.

How do you know you are watching the #gopconvention ? Two white dudes talking about death, terrorism &still manage to work in a tampon joke.

2016, everyone.

If you had first use of the word "tampon" at 38 minutes into the #GOPConvention, congrats! #GOPinCLE