Photos Showed Prince Louis Being A Typical 4-Year-Old At The Platinum Jubilee Pageant

The 4-year-old prince once again stole the show.

An excited Prince Louis with his arms raised

Prince Louis Arthur Charles of Cambridge once again stole the show on the final day of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

The 4-year-old prince's reactions and high jinks as he and the other members of his family watched the Platinum Jubilee Pageant outside of Buckingham Palace delighted the internet.

At the beginning, cameras captured Mike Tindall, husband of Prince William's cousin Zara Tindall, warning the little prince that he was being watched.

The Duchess of Cambridge smiling as Mike gestures at Prince Louis

Nonetheless, much like at the military flyby Friday, he soon began to act like, well, a regular 4-year-old.

The duchess smiling at a smiling Prince Louis
Prince Louis making a funny face

He showed off some dance moves.

Prince Louis with his fists raised

He appeared at one point to try to take a closer look at one of the parade floats.

He also got a little bit cheeky.

The duchess appears to scold Prince Louis, who's thumbing his nose at her

To be fair, it was a really long time to be sitting for someone his age.

The smiling duchess and a glum-looking Prince Louis waving

But he did get a little bit of reading in.

Prince Louis reading a book

And checked out some stuff with his mother, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (aka Kate Middleton).

At one point, he went to visit his grandfather Prince Charles...

Prince Louis smiles while sitting on Prince Charles' lap

...and seemed to have a great time.

Camilla smiles at Prince Louis, who is sitting on Prince Charles' lap

Through it all, Kate was in PEAK MOM MODE.

The Duchess of Cambridge holds Prince Louis


At the end of the pageant, Louis went with his family to join his great-grandmother the Queen on the Buckingham Palace balcony.

Not a bad day for a little prince!

Close-up of Prince Louis with his hands raised
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