The Viral Mike Bloomberg Dance Video Is Actually Part Of A Comedy Bit

A spokesperson for the Bloomberg campaign confirmed that the person who posted the video is not associated with their campaign.

A viral video of a group of people doing a choreographed dance to the tune of Maroon 5's "Moves Like Jagger" while holding "Mike Bloomberg 2020" signs was not filmed at a campaign event. Rather, it's part of a comedy bit.

Look out #TeamPete because us Bloomberg Heads have our own dance! Taken at the Mike Bloomberg rally in Beverly Hills. #Bloomberg2020 #MovesLikeBloomberg

The video, which was shared on Twitter early Friday by Nick Ciarelli, who claimed to be a campaign intern, is a spoof of the "High Hopes" dance performed by Pete Buttigieg supporters, which has become a meme.

"Nick is not associated with the campaign," said Bloomberg spokesperson Julie Wood.

Ciarelli is actually a comedian with the group Upright Citizens Brigade. Per the UCB website, he and his writing partner Brad Evans host a monthly sketch comedy show — the most recent of which was Thursday night.

Comedian and Desus & Mero writer Ziwe Fumudoh confirmed to BuzzFeed News that the video was filmed Thursday night at the comedy show. Fumudoh was in the show and documented the recording in her Instagram story.

Ciarelli told BuzzFeed News the video was filed at their show in Atlantic City and that, no, they are not affiliated with the Bloomberg campaign.

"We are not associated with the Bloomberg campaign, we just volunteered our time to make his campaign a viral dance that they didn't seem to appreciate," he told BuzzFeed News.

The Bloomberg campaign also took time to clarify that Ciarelli is not part of their team.

To clarify, @NickCiarelli is not an intern for our campaign. And he does not have moves like Bloomberg. Nick, apply to work for us here:

Perhaps because the Buttigieg dance is actually a real thing, a bunch of people on Twitter fell for the parody.

Apparently NOT a parody.


Is it just me or do these Bloomberg fans look like they have been kidnapped and forced to appear happy?

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