Literally Just A Bunch Of, Uh, Interesting Tweets From Marianne Williamson

"If you want a simple explanation for what's happening in America, watch AVATAR again."

Marianne Williamson, a self-help speaker and bestselling author who's running for president, grabbed some of the spotlight at the second Democratic debate, and in her doing so, people had a lot of questions. Per Google, Williamson was the top-searched candidate during the debate.

Among other things, the candidate — whom Gwyneth Paltrow described as a "spiritual legend" — declared during the debate that she would "harness love for political purposes" to defeat Donald Trump in the general election.

BuzzFeed News took a look at Williamson's Twitter account to learn more about the candidate, and, well, why don't you just look for yourself.

She has a lot to say!

The way to get over someone having broken your heart is to visualize yourself pouring buckets of divine love all over them.

When a woman is pregnant she can feel a new life gestating within her. We are collectively pregnant now, the consciousness of humanity a womb wherein is forming a new state of being. As with any pregnancy there are uncomfortable moments, but the miracle of new life is on the way.

The Goddess doesn't just dance under the moon on the night of a Solstice. She fiercely protects the children of the earth, and so should we.

Any time any of us move from fear to love, we participate in the morphic field out of which will emerge new possibilities for life on earth.

I was laying awake in my bed worrying about something, when a voice in my heart said, "Marianne, most people in the world do not have beds."

When enough minds are vibrating on a high enough level, then all lower thought forms will fall of their own dead weight.

She has a lot of ideas about space.

Your body is merely your space station from whence you beam your love to the universe.Don't just relate to the station; relate to the beams.

Everyone feels on some level like an alien in this world, because we ARE. We come from another realm of consciousness, and long for home.

The most important things in life are not visible to the physical eye. It’s only when we soul-explode beyond the confines of the mortal self, expanding the boundaries of what we think is real, that we begin to glimpse the truth of who we are and why we’re here.

And seems to *really* like the film Avatar.

If you want a simple explanation for what's happening in America, watch AVATAR again.

All the films were good but AVATAR has changed the world. He didn't win an Oscar tonight, but James Cameron deserves a Nobel Peace Price #fb

She's full of metaphors.

You're a lamp; God is the electricity. You're a faucet; God is the water. You're a human; God is the divine within you. ALLOW the flow. #fb

Peacock feathers are created by peacocks eating thorns. Every thorn you have eaten can become a peacock feather too. #fb

Your mind is like an airplane, and YOU are the pilot: Rise above the clouds. Fly above the turbulence. Seek a smoother ride.

A grey sky is actually a blue sky covered up by grey clouds. A guilty person is actually an innocent soul covered up by mistaken behavior.

Humanity needs a mental shower: we need to wash off all prejudices of the 20th Century and stand naked beneath the waters of eternal Truths.

Yin is feminine, earth; yang is masculine, sky. When God is seen as He, the soul is seen as She. Just archetypes. Spirit impregnates soul.

She's often tweeted about the power of visualization.

God is BIG, swine flu SMALL. See every cell of your body filled with divine light. Pour God's love on our immune systems. Truth protects.

Visualize the oil spill plugged. Close your eyes for 5 minutes and see angels coming over it, filling it with sane and sacred thoughts. #fb

Terrible wildfires burning in Sweden. Let’s all pray for/visualize massive rain there. (The mind is that powerful.)

She also has some hot takes about American history.

For those too young to remember, trust me: who killed Kennedy is indeed a big deal. A nation, like an individual, is as sick as its secrets.

The world has no idea the power about to rise from the global heart. Haters might have guns, but only lovers have wings.

And foreign policy.

See a golden chord connect the heart of the Arab and the heart of the Israeli. See it joining them soul to soul. Imagine them one in spirit

The “end times” means the end of the experience of time as we know it. Wars and rumors of war, yes; but also a time of signs and wonders. Streaks of light. Mental starbursts. The expansion of the heart. Preparation for holiness and timelessness and Love.

And the universe as an existential whole!

The world is chaos. The only antidote to chaos is to cultivate your inner world. You can't exit chaos from consciousness which is chaotic.

Meditation is the most powerful antidote to chaos. Given the chaos in the world today, meditators meditating is one of the greatest ways we can be of service. A resonant field of inner peace is the greatest disruptor of all.

Calling all goddess types: this a perfect time to do ritualistic nature ceremonies invoking divine alignment between humanity and nature.

Don't be afraid to surrender to the void. The void isn't empty; it's filled with the divine. #fb

Those who passed haven’t passed far, but live on in another dimension. ACIM says the time will come when we’ll see death as nothing more than the taking off of a suit of clothes. Our loved ones are still broadcasting; our need is simply to expand our set to pick up that channel.

She also has unique ideas about the American political system.

Just beneath the surface, this isn't politics it's black magic. Entirely a psychic battle. Use your shield of Virtue and your sword of Truth

The Phoenix that will rise from these ashes is a politics pointing neither Left nor Right so much as to love & decency & radical good will.

To the consciousness/transformation/meditation/yoga/spirituality/recovery crowd: politics should be part of our awakening now. It's time.

Not to mention some, well, problematic health takes.

In any moment of negative feeling, stop for 10 to 20 seconds and name all the things you're grateful for. (It stops the psychic bleed.) #fb

Sadness is not a disease. We don't need pharmaceuticals to get through a dark night of the soul.

The psychotherapeutic-psychopharmacological-industrial complex is one of the most threatening forces in America today. Putting our children on psychotherapeutic drugs does more to cause depression than to heal it. Parents awaken.

"The spiritual medicine that heals our sadness is not a pill or a shot; it’s an internal process of awakening...

How many public personalities on antidepressants have to hang themselves before the FDA does something, Big Pharma cops to what it knows, and the average person stops falling for this? The tragedies keep compounding. The awakening should begin.

But hey, you can't say she's not consistent!

When they go low, go to a higher frequency where they cannot touch you.

You do you, Marianne!

When haters step up the hate, the lesson for the rest of us is to step up the love.

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