19 Messages To People Who Still Don't Support Marriage Equality

BuzzFeed News asked marriage equality supporters at the Supreme Court if they had anything to say to the people who have opposed same-sex couples' marriage rights in the past.

1. "Please celebrate with us. We are all children of God. We love you too."

2. "You're invited! Put a ring on it."

3. "Love will ALWAYS win!!!"

4. "Relax, neighbors! The sky won't fall!"

5. "Jesus is smiling today."

6. "What do you have against my happiness?"

7. "Live your own life."

8. "Just remember we are all #BornPerfect."

9. "I may disagree with you, but I still respect you."

10. "As a Christian, I know my Bible says to love. I hope one day you can too."

11. "God Bless You! Much love and hugs!"

12. "God loves ALL his children."

13. "You still get to believe in your own marriage!"

14. "The arc of the universe will never stop bending! Love won!"

15. "Religion doesn't dictate law! Equal rights for all!"

16. "Thank you! Best birthday present ever."

17. "Love > Hate. #MarriageEquality."

18. "Love is love. Love has always be [sic] and always will be! #LoveWon."

19. "Bless them."

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