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Joe Biden Signed That Viral Picture Of His Hot Younger Self Because 2017

He thought it was hilarious, TBH.

Posted on April 26, 2017, at 6:29 p.m. ET

This is the Joe Biden that the world has come to know over the past few years: former vice president, former senator, basically America's cool/crazy uncle.

White House / David Lienemann

What you might NOT know is that young Joe Biden looked like this.

This picture went viral back in November and the internet's thirst was real.

Young Joe Biden could leave me on read at 4:30 and text at 8:47 and I would reply at 8:46

The meme came full circle today when Biden signed a poster of his younger self after giving a speech in Virginia on Wednesday.


George Mason University students Ravin Hassan and Milena Michael told BuzzFeed News that the former VP was amused when they asked him to sign the poster, which has been hanging in their kitchen since January.

"He laughed so hard," Michael said. "He told us that this [was taken] the weekend that he met his wife."

"We really wanted him to sign it," Hassan said. "We love him."

.@JoeBiden Biden joked, "That's when I still had hair," before writing a message and signing the poster:

"He's super inspiring and such a great leader," Michael said.

So. This is how my morning went. @ravinx3 & I went to an #ItsOnUs event. It was phenomenal & super empowering. @VP44 spoke on what we can do

.@ravinx3 @VP44 At the end, he came through the crowd & we asked @VP44 if he could sign the poster of him that hang…

.@ravinx3 @VP44 We were shook (& I hate using that word, but nothing else works). He told us that's was taken when…

Congrats, ladies! The internet salutes you.