Hillary Clinton Practiced Avoiding Trump's Hugs Before Debates

An aide posted a video of the candidate avoiding "unwanted Trump hugs" during debate prep.

It is a documented fact that President Trump is kind of an awkward hugger.

Doesn't matter what he's hugging, TBH.

But he always seems really into them! Even if the other person's not as enthusiastic.

Well, it turns out that Hillary Clinton had a strategy in place for avoiding Trump if he went for a hug during one of the debates.

Not easy to avoid the unwanted Trump hug, sometimes it even takes practice... A favorite moment from debate prep (… https://t.co/7MqAClqqbA

Longtime Clinton aide Philippe Reines posted a video to Twitter on Friday of Clinton avoiding "Trump's" hugs during presidential debate prep.

Reines, who played Trump in Clinton's mock debates, is seen putting his arms out for a hug and then chasing her across the stage when she sidesteps the embrace.

Clinton retweeted the video a few hours later. 👀

I burst out laughing when I saw this video this morning. Hope it brightens your day. https://t.co/CEcdoaQUuC

Gotta be prepared for everything, I guess!

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