Here's How The Internet Reacted To The First Day Of The DNC

Much boos. Such tears. Very convention. Wow.

In case you somehow missed it, last week Donald Trump accepted the Republican nomination for president in Cleveland.

And on Monday, democracy headed to Philadelphia so that Hillary Clinton could officially become the Democratic nominee.

However, because this is 2016 and we can't have nice things, there was approximately zero chance that the Democratic National Convention would run smoothly.

And now let's take a look at what's going on with #DemsInPhilly.

You see, there was this whole email thing.

BREAKING NEWS Following the latest email scandal, the DNC says everything is totally great we are a unified party...

DNC: we were hacked by Russians Bernie Bros: did they make up the emails? DNC: hacked by RUSSIANS BB: are the emails true? DNC: RUSSIANS

And naturally, Sanders supporters were a little upset.

Outside City Hall at the Bernie rally a giant joint that says "Berned by the DNC"

Just a bit.

The scene outside the #DNCinPHL arena: @BernieSanders supporters chanting "hell no DNC, we won't vote for Hillary!"

Party unity, am I right?

How bad are we talking? Even SANDERS couldn't calm down his own supporters and get them aboard the Hillary/Kaine train.

Bernie Sanders says "we have got to elect Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine," his supporters react with loud boos, jeers

They just weren't buying it.

.@BernieSanders: "Real politics is not necessarily sexy...but that is what we need to do"

Which, I mean, fair. It's not like you can't see where they're coming from.

bernie: THE SYSTEM IS RIGGED constituents: YEAHHHHH [two months later] constituents: THE SYSTEM IS RIGGED bernie: now hold on a second

Although it probably doesn't help to have your own delegates comparing your supporters to children.

Iowa delegate @chris_laursen: “Bernie basically fed us a bunch of Mountain Dew and now he wants us to go to bed. It’s not going to happen.”

Pretty much.

Sanders even asked his supporters to refrain from protesting during the convention.

Sanders and Clinton camps try to quell protests on DNC floor. Live updates on #DemsInPhilly 🔔

Which went about as well as you'd expect.

Apparently the #DemsInPhilly are nominating someone by the name of "BOO".

And as if that wasn't enough, a literal thunderstorm broke out just as the convention was beginning.

Dark clouds over #DemsInPhilly Flash floods expected. Stay tuned for locusts. #DemExit

DNC is telling reporters to leave the tents they set up for us because their made with giant metal poles and there's a lightning storm

A storm is approaching the #DemConvention and it is not happy.

The whole lead-up to the convention was not what we'd call inspiring.

DNC should’ve asked Lin-Manuel Miranda, Beyonce and Ta-Nehisi Coates to plan this whole convention *and* write all of its emails.

Neither was its official opening, TBH.

tfw you forget to gavel in the convention

Fortunately, the line-up for the night was pretty cool.

DNC: Here's a series of speakers who could all be president one day. RNC: Yo, here's everyone who didn't turn us down. This guy hunts ducks.

You had your cute kids.

Karla Ortiz, whose parents are undocumented: "I'm scared that at any moment, my mom and dad will be forced to leave"

Your hip celebrities.

Your pop stars.

OMG THE SHADE!!!! I'M SCREAMING!!!!! #DemsInPhilly #DemConvention

And, hey! There was even yelling while a hero of the civil rights movement was speaking!

You want to be respected and heard? Don't fucking shout about TPP when Rep. Elijah Cummings is talking about civil rights. #DemsInPhilly

It was more than slightly problematic when comedian Sarah Silverman delivered one of the most memorable moments of the night.

Silverman: "to the Bernie or bust people, you're being ridiculous"

Before segueing into the evening's final musical interlude.

DNC reaches out to the youth vote. #DemsInPhilly

Paul Simon was thinking of performing "Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard," but was worried Trump might deport Julio. #DemConvention

Rising star of the Democratic party Cory Booker delivered what was easily the most AMPED UP speech of the night.

.@BillClinton cheering on @CoryBooker #DemsInPhilly

Cory Booker walks off stage, drinks 3 Red Bulls and calls undecided voters for the next 72 hours straight.

But nobody really seemed to mind.

Future President Cory Booker can speak as long as he damn well pleases and you will deal #DNC

This Corey Booker speech needs a church organ and a gospel choir. #DemsInPhilly

cory booker got me so fired up i wanna take off my shirt and go ride a bald eagle

AND THEN it was time for first lady Michelle Obama.

Warnings were issued in advance re: what might happen if her speech was interrupted.

Y'all play if you want to. Sistas are getting in #Formation for @FLOTUS. Boo her and see what happens. #DemsInPhilly

Lots of warnings.

Collective wisdom from my TL: "y'all better not boo Michelle." #DNCinPHL #DemsInPhilly

Specific warnings.

Listen..if you boo Flotus, there are Black women in this audience who will take off their earrings & whip your ass. Don't try them.

But once she started speaking...

.@FLOTUS on that stage like... #DemsInPhilly

Everybody was listening.

.@MichelleObama chokes up: "Don’t let anyone ever tell you that this country isn’t great"

It was just a really good speech.

*ugly-cries again* #DemsInPhilly

And everybody had a lot of feelings about it.

It's like Michelle Obama is dropping me off at college right now and I just wanna cry and say don't go but I can't I have to be strong

Even President Obama agreed, in what became the most popular tweet of the night.

Incredible speech by an incredible woman. Couldn't be more proud & our country has been blessed to have her as FLOTUS. I love you, Michelle.


I'm reading Donald Trump's TL and noticed he had something to say about everybody EXCEPT #FLOTUS. #DemsInPhilly

Pretty much.

when you give the best speech at the DNC AND the RNC #DemsInPhilly

"Copy and paste THIS, Melania!" #DemsInPhilly

FLOTUS is a pretty tough act for anyone to follow, even Elizabeth Warren.

What I see when Elizabeth Warren speaks #DemsinPhilly

But she pulled through.

"We are not going to be Donald Trump's hate-filled America. Not now. Not ever." -Warren #DemsInPhilly


Despite a few hecklers.

I found a picture of the guys booing during @SenWarren's speech. #DemsInPhilly

And whatever the hell this was.

Woman yells at Sen Liz Warren, "You sold your birthright for a bowl of porridge!"


this convention is like Twitter: some really great, inspiring, thought-provoking stuff and also men yelling

Finally it was time for the man of the hour.

Bernie enters stage to massive cheers and "Ber-nie Ber-nie" chants. #DemsInPhilly

And PHEW did things get emotional.

This is like watching a guy break up with 100,000 people. #DemsInPhilly

Sanders supporters on the floor in Philadelphia doing their best to hold it together #DemsInPhilly

Not to mention hard to hear.

When he's playing the greatest hits but you just don't like the new stuff

Finally, Trump made the mistake of trying to come for Sanders after the convention was over and was quickly smacked down.

We'll be back tomorrow for more updates.

*history class in the year 2100* Teacher: So, we've finished 2015. On to 2017! Student: What about 2016— Teacher: We don't talk about 2016

BuzzFeed's Alex Duner contributed to this report.

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