Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Surprised A 100-Year-Old Fan With A Birthday Video


Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson surprised a longtime fan on her 100th birthday with a special video message after learning about her big day via Twitter.

Jamie Klingler, a communications and events expert from Philadelphia who lives in London, told BuzzFeed News that her best friend's grandmother, Marie Grover, has been a fan of "The Rock" for the past 30 years.

Klingler said that she wanted to try to get the actor to send "Grandmom Grover" a 100th birthday message. "She is a wonderful woman who enhanced my childhood and my life," she said.

Klingler reached out to Johnson's publicist and agent in the weeks leading up to the big day, in the hope that the request would reach him.

However, when she tweeted on Sept. 22 that the plan was in motion, Johnson saw the tweet.

He reached out to see how he could make Grover's day extra special.

@jamieklingler What?? First I’m hearing of this! Who’s turning 100? Beautiful age! What do you need, Jamie?

Johnson made a video, sent it along to Klingler, who passed it along to her best friend in Philadelphia. Her friend filmed Grover's reaction when she saw her special birthday message from a very special person.

Happy 100th birthday to Grandmom Grover, I cannot begin to thank @TheRock enough for making this happen.

In his video message, Johnson sang "Happy Birthday" and said he was "so happy and honored" to send a birthday message to her.

"I'm sending you so much love and a huge congratulations on 100 years. What an amazing life."

On Wednesday, Johnson retweeted the video, adding "stuff like this is always the best part of fame."

Love seeing this. Happy 100th Grandma Grover! I’m honored you’re a fan and grateful you were born! Much love, Rock. (wish my grandma was still around, but stuff like this is always the best part of fame) #phillystrong 💝 https://t.co/EvuKAbuULT

Klingler told BuzzFeed News that she and the Grover family are so grateful that Johnson took the time to record the birthday message.

"It’s really all down to Dwayne and his kindness," she said. "He made an old woman so incredibly happy. I will always be grateful. She is a legend."

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