No, Trump Didn't Blink The White House Lights To Show He Was Watching Fox News

And Fox and Friends never claimed that he did.

You've probably seen this clip going around the internet today.

This is too funny... the @FoxandFriends team said on air: Hey @realDonaldTrump, if you're watching, turn some ligh…

It's a clip from Wednesday's episode of Fox & Friends that purportedly shows Donald Trump blinking the lights of a room in the White House to signal to the show's hosts that he's watching.

As a shot of the White House appears on the screen, one of the hosts says, "Now everybody's up," seemingly in reference to that fact that some of the White House windows are illuminated. The time is listed as 7 a.m. ET.

"According to a report, Donald Trump only watches the 7 o'clock hour of Fox & Friends," the host continues, saying that he asked the president to blink the lights on and off earlier during the show if he was watching.

After he says this, the lights in one of the windows appears to go on and off, and the Fox & Friends hosts laugh and jokingly wish Trump a good morning.

BUT the clip in the tweet stops before the show's hosts explain that the blinking lights aren't actually real.

As you can see in the full clip, posted below, host Steve Doocy explicitly says that it's not a real clip. "We're just having a little fun."

Welcome to 2017!

The flashing lights are fake but the idea is real -- morning TV hosts know Trump very well could be watching

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