This Burger King Ad Uses Whoppers To Explain Net Neutrality And It's Certainly Something

"I didn't think that ordering a Whopper would really open my eyes up to net neutrality."

Burger King just released a three-minute "social experiment" video that explains net neutrality using burgers and, well, you should just probably watch it.

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In the video, real Burger King customers are forced to either pay more for a burger to get it quickly or pay the normal price and wait for a long time.

Basically, in this example, Whopper = internet.

Before the Federal Communications Commission repealed net neutrality regulations in December, these rules prohibited internet providers from blocking or slowing websites, or charging a premium for "fast lanes" for specific services or higher-quality streaming.

Needless to say, the Burger King customers were pretty pissed about it.

The video also makes fun of FCC Chair Ajit Pai and the oversize coffee mug he drank from while repealing net neutrality rules in December.

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At the end, the customers are told about the prank and Burger King directs viewers to a petition to save net neutrality.

Some people were super into it.

We need @BurgerKing to explain all public policy and the U.S. Constitution. Brilliant explanation of the effect of…

The Burger King king trolling FCC Chairman @AjitPaiFCC by posing as Kermit the frog. I call this triptych "Agony o…

Others, not so much.

Burger King's anti-Trump "Whopper" ad is going to cost it a lot of business. Lefty CEOs can't see that America love…

i literally could not give less of a shit about burger king’s woke video about net neutrality. FYI they pay their employees $7 an hour

That stupid virtue-signaling Burger King video actually proves why net neutrality regulations are unnecessary.

A lot of people were just confused.

"Burger King's Net Neutrality PSA" is a phrase that makes so little sense to me, I feel like I'm getting punched in…

Here’s the full astounding video. Fast food restaurants are teaching us about the evils of government. I’m calling…

What do you think about "Whopper Neutrality"?

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