Bully Gets Owned By Victim In #Jaide Fight Video

This video of a bully named Jaide getting taken down after provoking another girl into a fight is going viral on Twitter. (WARNING: violence and NSFW language).

The fight video was posted to WorldStarHipHop Thursday night:

World Star Hip Hop / Via worldstarhiphop.com

Original Caption: "This Is Why You Don't Do All That Talking & Pick A Wrong Fight: Girl Gets Rocked In Locker Room While Her Friends Watch Her Eat All The Punches!"

A video of a girl named Jaide getting beat up in her school locker room has gone viral on Twitter, with #Jaide trending Friday morning. The clip begins with Jaide calling another girl in a corner a "b*tch" while a group of teenage girls — including the girl filming the whole thing — laugh and tease the blank-faced recipient of the bulling.

As the camera rolls, Jaide dances closer to the silent girl in the corner as the group laughs and taunt her about how close Jaide is getting to her. One girl steps in and measures the distance between the bully and the victim with her feet. Jaide then asks the other girl, "If I touch you, will you hit me?" When she fails to respond, Jaide reaches out and touches her face, causing the other girl to finally snap and lash out with her fists.

As you can see in the video above, the fight does not go well for Jaide.

The Internet has already begun to respond to the #Jaide video:

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