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Artist Proposes To His Girlfriend Using Rooftop Graffiti

The most heartwarming urban defacement ever. (via Animal New York)

Posted on February 5, 2013, at 6:44 p.m. ET

Jason Shelowitz / Via

NYC artist Jason Shelowitz (also known as Jay Shells) told Animal New York the details of his creative proposal:

"I was definitely going to paint the proposal somehow, but wasn't sure where. I recently moved in with her uptown in a very tall building and the idea hit me when I was looking down off the terrace. Found my way up onto the roof and used inverted ground marking spray paint, one word per roof. It took about 8 minutes to paint.

I brought her out there the next morning and told her to look down on the sidewalk for something else I said I painted. She looked over the edge and noticed (not right away) the rooftops across the street. Then I dropped to one knee and did that part in the traditional way...She cried and smiled and laughed and it was awesome.

The future Mrs. Shelowitz, who is not named in the article, said the proposal, "blew my mind and took my breath away and brought me to tears to see the biggest, most important question ever asked of me — in 6 foot tall letters, spray-painted in fluorescent orange on the rooftops."

"It was also the most super natural way I can think of him to propose," she told Animal New York. "In his natural environment… Painting New York City. And it was the most super natural way for me to say yes – nearly naked on our terrace, before 9am on a Saturday."

And what was her answer?

Jason Shelowitz / Via

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