48 Servicemen Meeting Their Children For The First Time

Military men returning home from deployment have their first moments with their newborn sons and daughters.

1. Sailor James Crisier meets his 6-week-old daughter Jadyn.

2. Specialist Michael Tawney meets his infant son.

3. Sailor Stuardo Juarez meets his infant daughter.

4. Specialist Ryan Tremble meets his 9-month-old daughter, Jade.

5. Sailor Steven Hart meets his infant child.

6. USCG Fireman Jarrid Romero meets his infant son Liam.

7. Chief Petty Officer Tom Cooper meets his 6-week-old son Ethan.

8. Sailor Demontay Blue meets his infant daughter.

9. Specialist Barrett Lafferty meets his infant daughter.

10. PFC Jordan Boswell meets his 9-day-old son Conner.

11. Lt. Michael Inde meets his infant daughter.

12. Staff Sgt. Mark Mattson meets his 3-week-old daughter, Lydia.

13. A USS Norfolk sailor holds his newborn son.

14. Hospital Corpsman Miguel Codd holds his 2-month-old son.

15. A military police officer holds his infant daughter.

16. Engineman Christian Riceman holds his infant son.

17. A Utah National Guardsman holds his twin sons.

18. A soldier meets his infant son.

19. Machinist Warren Jack holds his infant daughter.

20. Staff Sgt. Donnie Casebolt meets his infant daughter.

21. Sailor Joseph Cox meets his infant daughter.

22. Sailor Matthew Sandlin holds his newborn daughter.

23. Sailor Cesar Dorado meets his infant daughter.

24. Airman Justin Rogers meets his newborn daughter.

25. Sailor Kevin Limbrick meets his newborn daughter.

26. Spc. Jose Quinones meets his twin daughters, Jamie and Mia.

27. Sailor Michael Ball meets his 4-month-old daughter.

28. Airman Jacob James meets his infant daughter.

29. A soldier meets his infant son.

30. Sailor Jeff Reyes meets his newborn child.

31. Specialist Kellen Busiek meets his infant daughter.

32. Sailor David Poe meets his 3-month-old son.

33. Sgt. 1st Class Michael Lewis meets his daughter.

34. Sailor Roberto Valentine meets his infant daughter.

35. Electrician's Mate John Hagenbrock meets his 7-week-old daughter.

36. Specialist Dillon Baer meets his infant daughter Grace.

37. Sailor Steven Hart meets his infant daughter.

38. Captain Chad E. Bonecutter meets his 5-month-old son, Barrett.

39. Specialist Manuel Estrada meets his infant daughter.

40. Sailor Abel Cholico meets his infant child.

41. Sailor Brian Sacman meets his infant child.

42. A sailor on the USS Abraham Lincoln meets his infant son.

43. Sailor Joe Gerolmo meets his daughter.

44. Petty Officer William Cummings meets his daughter.

45. EMC Alex Yano meets his 4-week-old daughter, Chase.

46. A marine meets his infant son.

47. Naval Air Crewmen Ryan Roberson meets his 5-month-old daughter.

48. And a sailor meets his daughter.

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