13 Real AF Things Carrie Fisher Said About Living With Mental Illness

"You should be proud of being able to say, 'This is what I'm getting through right now.'"

1. On her life with mental illness:

2. On the unspoken difficulty of living with mental illness:

3. On the advice she would give to people struggling with mental illness who are afraid to pursue their dreams:

4. On taking medication for your mental health:

5. On what to do if things start going wrong:

6. On life during the depressive phase of bipolar disorder:

7. On giving yourself credit:

8. On finding your own "normal":

9. On making peace with yourself:

10. On not being defined by your mental illness:

11. On being a mental health advocate:

12. On the advice she'd give to a young woman struggling with bipolar disorder:

13. On being comfortable with yourself and your mental health:

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