Kim Kardashian Is Being Called Out For Posting About Her “Inspiring Friendsgiving Dinner” With Tristan Thompson At A Juvenile Detention Camp After People Accused Her of Attempting To Give Him A Redemption Arc

“The Trashcan PR makeover campaign phase 2 is being implemented.”

Kardashian fans think that Tristan Thompson’s third “redemption tour” could be underway.

Close-up of Tristan

In celebration of the holidays, Kim Kardashian shared photographs of herself and Tristan enjoying a Friendsgiving meal with a group of young men incarcerated at Camp Kilpatrick.

Posting a series of snaps on Instagram and Twitter, Kim shared a few words about their festive visit and wished her followers a happy Thanksgiving.

Kim sitting at a dining table with some of the incarcerated men

“These young men have earned their way to this model camp in Malibu for great behavior. Many are in college classes and have made huge changes in their life,” Kim wrote.

Kim and the men at the table

“My favorite part at our dinner was going around the table and hearing what their dreams and aspirations are. I can’t wait to see them all come true,” she added before expressing thanks to the staff at the facility for hosting them.

The exterior of Campus Kilpatrick

Tristan reposted the photos to his own account and echoed the sentiments, thanking Kim and the staff for “including” him in their Friendsgiving.

Close-up of Tristan

“These young men have chosen a positive direction to create changes in their lives. Thankful for the experience,” he wrote.

Of course, people were glad to see Kim making an effort to give back during the holidays. However, fans had a lot of questions about why she’d choose to share the experience with Tristan, Khloé Kardashian’s ex-partner.

In the unlikely event that you need a reminder of Tristan’s repeated infidelities, the NBA star has been exposed for publicly cheating on Khloé on numerous occasions since they started dating in 2016.

Tristan and Khloé

Most recently, he was forced to come clean after it was revealed that he’d fathered a child with another woman while he and Khloé were engaged and were in the midst of a surrogacy journey to welcome their second child.

Khloé and Tristan’s son was born in July, and in the first episode of The Kardashians Season 2, we got a raw look at how deeply traumatized Khloé was by his betrayal and how it tainted their son’s birth.


Notably, Kim had actually been the one to tell Khloé that Tristan had fathered another child after discovering the news online herself. The heartbreaking moment was caught on camera during the Season 1 finale, where we witnessed Kim’s unadulterated fury.

Close-up of Kim on the phone

“I’m not fucking lying. And I’m shaking for [Khloé]. My soul kills, dies for her,” Kim tells Kylie over the phone in a state of shock. “The whole thing that’s so sad is that she wants a baby boy. And now this girl is having a fucking baby boy? A fucking random that he sleeps with one night? Fuck him!”

Close-up of Kim on the phone

And with the image of Kim’s rage so clear in our minds, it’s not surprising that fans have been left completely blindsided by seeing her extend the olive branch.

“There is literally zero reason for her to collaborate with him so publicly after what he has put her sister through. Gross,” one person wrote on Reddit.

A screenshot of the Reddit comment

Another added in response: “I would never in a million years ‘collaborate’ with my sister’s baby daddy/ex who’s cheated on her multiple times. Idc my sister got along with him or not. Fuck out of here.”

Screenshot of the Reddit comment

If you’ve followed the Kardashians for a while now, you’ll know that Tristan and Khloé rekindled their relationship on two occasions after his cheating scandals back in 2018 and 2019, and in turn, Tristan was welcomed back into the family.

Tristan and Khloé

What’s more, both reunions were tracked on the family’s TV shows, with Tristan and Khloé’s rehabilitated romance forming central storylines on both Keeping Up With the Kardashians and, later, The Kardashians.

Because of this, fans are suspicious that Kim’s post could be the first sign of yet another “redemption tour” in hopes that Tristan might be able to redeem himself in the eyes of the public.

Redit comment: Tristan's redemption tour

One user wrote, “yah! the pr clean up is underway.”

Screenshot of the Reddit comment

“Since when does Tristan care about anyone but himself? This a clear PR attempt to get the public to rehabilitate Tristan’s image,” added another.

Screenshot of the Reddit comment

Others made callbacks to his previous rebrands on the show, suggesting that a new “phase” of his image rehab is being “implemented” as we speak.

Reddit comment: "Call me a cynic but the Trashcan PR makeover campaign phase 2 is being implemented; phase 1 was a failure"

Among the responses, fans theorized why Kim might be associating with someone she publicly had so much disdain for, with some speculating that he and Khloé might be back together for a third time and this is simply the family’s attempt at “warming” critics up for his return.

Reddit comment: "He back with khloe they just warming us up"

Interestingly, there was equal chatter about the possibility that Khloé and Tristan’s as-yet-unnamed baby boy might be called Tristan Jr., and they’re trying to “paint him in a semi okay light” before making the big announcement.

Khloé smiling and holding an infant

Someone else suggested that including Tristan in the visit and sharing the photos online might have been a tactic to generate publicity and direct more attention toward the family’s philanthropic efforts.

Kim and Kylie on the red carpet

“I feel like everything they do is calculated. Even the philanthropic stuff,” one Reddit user said. “[Kim] knows by inviting trashcan this post will gain a lot of traction, reposts elsewhere. It’ll also put trashcan in a good light, he doesn’t have a team to play for at the moment and seems like he just wants to go back to playing for Khloe’s heart again.”

Screenshot of the Reddit comment

They continued: “Why would Kim even associate herself with this man after everything he’s done to her sister? They push out episodes showing how much hurt and pain this man has caused Khloe but on the flip side still have him as their bestie??”

With all this in mind, it’s also worth noting that the family are in the midst of filming for the third season of The Kardashians, so it’s possible that this could be their attempt to incorporate Tristan back into the show.

Close-up of Tristan smiling

But speculation aside, if there’s one thing we know about the Kardashian/Jenners, it’s that they’re always striving to maintain close and civil bonds with the fathers of their children, even when they’ve been hurt by them.

Whether it’s Scott Disick, Kanye West, or Tristan, the sisters make an effort to keep their exes close, with Khloé even comparing their unusual family dynamic to “the mob.”

“Once you’re in, it’s like the mob, you can’t get out,” she said.

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