Sarah Paulson Named And Shamed An Actor Who Once Emailed Her Six Pages Of Notes After Watching Her In A Play

“I have not forgotten it, and I hope to see you never.”

Sarah Paulson shared a few words for a fellow actor who once gave her unsolicited performance advice.

Sarah Paulson wearing a blazer at the Tony Awards

During one of the most recent episodes of the SmartLess podcast, Sarah and hosts Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett got on to the topic of theater acting and how it’s customary for celebrities in the audience to come backstage and meet the show’s stars.

Bradley Cooper, Sarah Paulson, Pedro Pascal, and Elle Fanning posing for a photo

Jason asked if anyone in the group would be willing to accept notes from celebs backstage, which prompted Sarah to spill on a particularly “outrageous” experience of her own.

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“I did do a play once. The last time I was on stage, I did a play called Talley’s Folly at the Roundabout, and the actress — and I’m going to say this, and I’m not going to ask you to cut this out, because I don’t fucking care — this actress came to the play. Her name is Trish Hawkins — Hi, Trish! Hi, Trisha!” Sarah said, no holds barred.

Closeup of Sarah Paulson in a sequined outfit

Recounting the bizarre incident, Sarah said Trish came to see her backstage and wasted no time before offering her thoughts.

“She looked at me up and down, and then she went, ‘Your dress is yellow. Mine was pink.’ And I thought, ‘What?’” the American Horror Story actor recalled.

Closeup of Sarah Paulson

Well, as it turns out, Trish originated the role of Sally Talley in Talley’s Folley during its 1979 off-Broadway performances and its Broadway debut the following year. And, as you’ve probably guessed, this was the exact part that Sarah was playing when she appeared in the off-Broadway revival in 2013.

Sarah Paulson in "Talley's Folly" holding a man's hand

So, if Trish’s in-person comments weren’t awkward enough, things only got worse a few days later when Sarah checked her inbox.

Sarah Paulson at an event wearing a patterned dress with puffed sleeves

“I got an email that was six pages long of notes and a communication to me about what she had done when she had done the play, what she recommended I do,” she remembered. “It was outrageous. It was really outrageous.”

Closeup of Sarah Paulson

After all that, now's probably a good time to mention that Sarah received a Tony nomination last month for her leading performance in Appropriate, which is being hailed as one of the best shows on Broadway right now. So, yeah.

Sarah Paulson onstage

Moral of the story? Sometimes it’s best to keep your thoughts to yourself. You can listen to Sarah’s full appearance on SmartLess here.

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