Law Roach Recalled Forcing 14-Year-Old Zendaya To Keep Wearing The “Most Painful” Pair Of Louboutin High Heels So That Her Feet Would Be “Trained” To Wear Them

“She’s like, ‘I have to take these shoes off.’ I’m like, ‘You will not take these shoes off.’ And she kept them on.”

Zendaya gives us no shortage of incredible fashion moments to obsess over, but one thing you may not have noticed about the superstar’s looks is that she pretty much always wears the very same pair of heels.

Zendaya on the Met Gala red carpet wearing strapless dress and a large floral headpiece

More often than not, Z will be sporting a pair of Christian Louboutin So Kate 120 mm pumps. And if you’re into fashion, you’ll probably know that So Kates are famous for being very painful to wear, thanks to a brutal 4.7-inch heel.

Zendaya sits on a chair in a tailored blazer dress and heels

In light of this, people have praised Zendaya’s ability to wear the shoes with such ease while promoting her recent movies, and now, Law Roach — who’s styled Z since she was 14 — has looked back on the very first time she wore them as a rising starlet.

Law Roach and Zendaya on the red carpet

“I think that the So Kate is one of the most versatile shoes,” Law told Recho Omondi on a recent episode of The Cutting Room Floor podcast. “It’s also one of the most painful.”

A close-up of Zendaya's feet in high heels on the red carpet

“It actually started when she was, like, 14, and I remember she had these So Kates on all day. It’s the first time she’d ever worn them, and she was collapsing,” he recalled before admitting that he implemented a bit of tough love for the greater good of fashion.

Zendaya at an event in a backless top and black skirt with feathers

“She’s like, ‘I have to take these shoes off.’ I’m like, ‘You will not take these shoes off,’” Law remembered. “And she kept them on, and the next day she put them on again, and the next day she put them on again.”

Zendaya wearing a leather jacket, white floral skirt, and black heels at the Nickelodeon HALO Awards

So, with some perseverance, Law says Zendaya’s feet are now “trained” to walk around in So Kates. “She could wear them all day,” he said. “She could dance in them, she could kick her legs up, she could run downstairs.”

Zendaya in a lace-detailed dress at an event

Interestingly, Law quickly clarified that neither he nor Zendaya is affiliated with the luxury label, saying: “We get no monetary anything from Christian Louboutin… It has always been a really authentic, organic relationship [in that] she just loves the shoes.”

Zendaya in a long elegant dress with a high slit walking on the red carpet with matching So Kate heels

However, that doesn’t mean they didn’t just receive 40 free pairs ahead of the Challengers press tour — a girl can dream!

Zenda on red carpet in a high-slit embroidered white gown and white heels

Here’s where you can find Law’s full appearance on The Cutting Room Floor.

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