A Wild Viral Conspiracy Theory Has Fans Convinced That Kylie Jenner Cleverly Faked Her Appearance At The "Kardashians" Hulu Premiere And Here’s The Truth

Despite eyewitnesses at the event confirming Kylie was in attendance, the theorizing has spun out of control.

Eight months after they successfully predicted Kylie Jenner’s second pregnancy, the sleuths of TikTok are back with a brand-new theory, this time claiming that Kylie might have entirely faked a recent red carpet appearance.

There’s a konspiracy theory that Kylie Jenner wasn’t actually at the Kardashians Hulu premiere and instead posted her own edited photos/red carpet vids to pretend she was there. I need someone to debunk this please bc I’m actually going insane

Twitter: @SophRossss

If that sounds a little complicated, have no fear. There’s a lot of evidence to break down, so buckle up, and let’s get into it.

So, on Thursday night, the Kardashian/Jenner squad and a bunch of their friends gathered to celebrate the premiere of the family’s Hulu show, The Kardashians.

As is to be expected of any Kardashian event, the evening was well documented thanks to regular social media updates. And as the family hit the red carpet, stunning photographs of Kim, Khloé, and Kourtney Kardashian began to roll out, leaving fans anticipating the arrival of their younger sisters, Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

But while Kris Jenner and her three eldest daughters posed for group pictures and chatted with interviewers, fans noticed that the Jenner sisters were nowhere to be seen.

It was later reported that Kendall would not be attending because she was sick, leaving many to assume that Kylie — who was noticeably absent from a recent family appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live — would probably be skipping the event to be with her new baby boy, whom she gave birth to in February.

However, fans were surprised when photographs of Kylie on the red carpet surfaced online almost a day later.

The surprise appearance marked Kylie’s first official red carpet outing since giving birth to her son. And much to fans’ intrigue, she was only photographed by herself, despite the fact that her family and friends posed for group pictures throughout the night — which is where things get a little complicated.

So, according to reports, Kylie actually showed up late to the red carpet, and therefore missed out on some cute photo opportunities with her sisters. However, that perfectly reasonable explanation wasn’t quite cutting it for a few curious fans who decided to do a little digging of their own.

After conducting an investigation using the night’s official photographs, one TikTok user was quick to notice that the pictures of Kylie were not included with the rest of the photos from the event, which — as is standard for red carpet and paparazzi pictures — were all uploaded to Getty Images. In fact, Kylie didn't appear in a single one of the 137 photos taken at the event available on Getty.

Upon the realization that there was no sign of Kylie’s red carpet pictures on Getty, the same TikTok sleuth did a little more research to discover that Kylie’s images were taken by a completely different photographer to that of everyone else at the premiere.

Making matters more intriguing, Kylie’s red carpet pictures appeared to have been taken by a personal photographer, who goes by @therealSPW on Instagram. By the looks of their account, this particular photographer has shot Kylie and her friends for many years, with the majority of their pictures staged to look like candid paparazzi photos.

For a little bit of background information, the main difference between being photographed on the red carpet by regular photographers and employing a personal photographer of your own is that paparazzi don’t typically photoshop their images.

In the event that they do photoshop the pictures, photographers must disclose this information when they publish the images, which means that most pictures on Getty Images are completely unedited.

But if a celebrity chooses to hire a personal photographer of their own, they'll get the final say on how the pictures look and are edited before they're published.

This, combined with the fact that Kylie recently opened up about feeling insecure about her body after giving birth, prompted fans to theorize that she decided to use her own photographer so that she could digitally manipulate the images privately and maintain complete control over her image, by limiting the number of unedited photographs of her body.

The discovery that Kylie may have gone to great lengths to hide her postpartum body unsettled a number of fans, many of whom had recently praised her for being transparent about the mental and physical struggles of new mom life.

But, the investigation didn’t stop there.

Aside from her solo red carpet shots taken by her personal photographer, there was still a severe lack of footage of Kylie inside the event. While her sisters stopped for interviews and took selfies with guests, the Kylie Cosmetics founder seemed to be lying low.

This wound up sparking even more speculation that, as well as using her own photographer, Kylie took things to the next level by photoshopping herself onto the red carpet without actually attending the event — which would account for why she doesn’t appear in any group pictures or footage from inside the screening.

This theory was only bolstered when Kylie shared a series of photos and videos of herself in the same dress against a plain white background on her Instagram. Fans were quick to speculate that Kylie had done a photo shoot at home, with the background from the event digitally added afterward.

Não cansa de matar o fandom!! Kylie Jenner nos bastidores das fotos, antes de ir para a premiere do #TheKardashians. 📲 Kylie Jenner via stories do instagram, 08.04.22

Twitter: @portaljennerin

And while it might sound pretty far-fetched, this wouldn’t be the first time that the Kardashian/Jenners have been caught out for their sneaky photoshop skills.

Just three months ago, Kim was called out by yet another TikTok sleuth after she seemingly photoshopped a photograph of her daughter Chicago, and Khloé’s daughter, True.

After noticing that True’s face looked a little grainy, the TikToker discovered that the original photograph was actually of Chicago and Stormi, Kylie’s daughter, meaning that True’s face had been superimposed onto Stormi’s body.

What's more, on another occasion in 2019, Kim admitted that Chicago had to be photoshopped into their family Halloween photo after getting upset over Kanye’s dinosaur costume. That same year, she photoshopped North West into their family Christmas card because she refused to pose for the picture.

With all this in mind, the possibility that Kylie could have staged a red carpet at home and posed for photographs in the safe confines of her backyard to maintain control of her postpartum image isn’t completely out of the question. Especially knowing that the Kardashian/Jenners are pros when it comes to crafting a perfectly orchestrated public facade.

However, on Friday, TMZ published a string of new behind-the-scenes photographs from the premiere, including one of Kylie waiting beside the red carpet. The new picture — in which Kylie is surrounded by security and looks to be talking to a member of her team — appeared to confirm once and for all that she was actually in attendance.

That being said, not everyone is convinced. A number of skeptical fans still believe the image was the work of photoshop and was shared in an attempt to dispel reports that her appearance was faked.

She’s just darting her eyes around and clearly not focused on anything/one in particular…… it’s getting weird

Twitter: @SophRossss

However, despite the rampant speculation, others in attendance have shut down the theories that Kylie faked her appearance.

Podcaster Amanda Hirsch — who interviewed the family on the red carpet — shared an Instagram story confirming that Kylie was indeed in attendance at the event.

So case closed!

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