Kylie Jenner Posted A Full Body Picture Of Her Bump For The First Time Since Fans Became Convinced She’s Secretly Given Birth Thanks To A Viral TikTok Theory

Something’s not adding up…

According to her latest selfie, Kylie Jenner is still pregnant.

It was a busy weekend for the Kardashian/Jenner family, who all gathered at Kylie’s home on Saturday to celebrate the fourth birthdays of Kylie and Kim Kardashian’s respective daughters, Stormi and Chicago.

Taking a quick break from the festivities, Kylie went to the mirror in her hallway to flaunt her bubblegum pink jumpsuit and matching overcoat. However, it was her growing baby bump that stole the show.

If you’ve been keeping up with the Kardashian/Jenners in recent months, you’ll be well aware that these selfies mark a significant turning point in a detailed fan theory that Kylie has secretly given birth.

And before you question the legitimacy of this conspiracy, it's important that we remind ourselves of what social media sleuths are capable of.

So, cast your mind back to August last year, when TikTok user @EmilyCShwartz shared a theory that Kylie — who famously hid her first pregnancy in 2017 and 2018 — was hiding a pregnancy for the second time.

As you may remember, the whole thing started after a number of fans noticed that Kylie’s nail color in her Instagram post marking her 24th birthday did not match the brief glimpse of her manicure that was shown in Kim’s Instagram story shared on the same day.

At the time, Kylie continued sharing prefilmed videos of her flat tummy on social media in an attempt to silence the speculation. But — as we now know — her efforts were no match for the TikTok detectives, and she officially announced her pregnancy a few weeks later on Sept. 8.

And so, while the eventual announcement of Kylie’s second pregnancy was surrounded by secrecy, fans were still able to pick up on certain clues to calculate that baby number 2 is due to arrive any day now.

Which brings us to today.

So, acclaimed TikTok sleuth @EmilyCShwartz recently returned with yet another conspiracy about Kylie’s second pregnancy — this time theorizing that she’s secretly given birth already.

The theory begins by establishing the most important piece of information: When is the baby even due?

As we previously discussed, the exact timeline of the pregnancy is difficult to determine. However, Emily pointed out that there is reason to believe Kylie was aware of her second pregnancy on Apr. 23, when the Keeping Up With the Kardashians reunion was filmed.

If you’ve watched the episodes, you might remember that the KarJenners each took a shot of tequila — except for Kylie who, upon further inspection, can be seen holding the shot to her mouth without actually drinking the alcohol.

And so, basic math suggests that if Kylie knew she was pregnant in mid-April, her due date would have been in the last week of December at the latest, meaning that it’s not out of the question to assume that she would have given birth by now.

With this vital piece of information at the core of the theory, fans grew even more suspicious on Dec. 24 when Kylie was noticeably absent from the Kardashian/Jenner’s annual Christmas Eve party, where the rest of her famous family were seen celebrating in style.

Whether Kylie sat out because she was heavily pregnant or nursing a newborn is still up for debate, but despite her mom seemingly not attending, Kylie’s daughter was present.

Little Stormi was filmed enjoying the festivities with her cousins, and interestingly was the only attendee who was wearing a mask — perhaps suggesting that her household is taking strict precautions to protect a newborn.

Nonetheless, time ticked on, and we were provided with our first piece of tangible evidence just two days later.

On Dec. 26, Kourtney Kardashian’s fiancé, Travis Barker, perhaps leaked the best piece of evidence yet, after he shared a photograph on his Instagram story which had a pink-rimmed Comotomo newborn bottle in shot.

It wasn’t long before eagle-eyed fans noticed the potential clue, and pointed out that while Kris Jenner has a lot of grandchildren, they’re all too old to be using such a bottle. Some particularly observant detectives even realized that it was the same brand that Kylie used for Stormi when she was born.

The plot thickened once again on Dec. 29, when a celebrity nail technician shared close-up photographs of Kylie’s freshly manicured nails, which were noticeably shorter than her usual style. Fans were quick to notice a correlation, theorizing that she trimmed down her signature extensions to prevent scratching her delicate newborn.

But with the new year came the most interesting clue yet.

Fans were left more confused than ever after Kylie’s security covered her entire body with blankets as she departed from a private jet with Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble on Jan. 2.

The decision to hide her body raised suspicions in itself, but plenty of fans were also quick to highlight that pregnant women are advised against flying after 36 weeks, and therefore, if Kylie was in fact pregnant in April, her decision to fly at all is extremely questionable.

So, with mounting evidence to suggest that she had already given birth, fans were understandably shocked on Saturday to see that Kylie was still pregnant at Stormi’s birthday party.

What’s more, anticipation for Kylie’s birth announcement had reached fever pitch just a day prior after she posted a gallery of photographs from her previously unseen baby shower. The brand new pictures show Kylie looking more pregnant than ever, with her growing bump on display in a white gown.

Interestingly, based on reports that claim that the intimate baby shower took place at Khloé Kardashian’s house in early December, the new pictures — in which Kylie looks heavily pregnant — were in fact taken over a month ago.

It’s also worth noting that the baby shower happened completely under wraps while Kylie had taken a break from social media after the Astroworld tragedy.

If you weren’t aware, Travis Scott — with whom Kylie shares both her children — was at the forefront of backlash after 10 people died and hundreds more were injured on the opening night of the Astroworld festival in Houston on Nov. 5. Travis produced and headlined the fatal event, and has been named in hundreds of lawsuits since the tragedy took place.

With that in mind, fans of the Kardashian/Jenners will likely be aware that both Kylie and Travis returned to social media during the festive period after laying low for nearly eight weeks.

In the time since their seemingly coordinated returns to social media, both Kylie and Travis have shared multiple Instagram posts, prompting fans to speculate that the couple are attempting to distance the announcement of their new baby from the tragic events of Astroworld.

With that in mind, it could be proposed that Kylie may have already given birth, but she and Travis are holding off from announcing the arrival while the tragedy is still at the forefront of people’s conversations.

And so, regardless of whether or not she has had her baby, Kylie’s recent bump pics suggest that she wants to keep all and any speculation at bay for now. And if her last pregnancy is anything to go by, it’s hard to predict what will happen next.

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