Kourtney Kardashian And Scott Disick Had Their First Public Interaction Since Her Engagement To Travis Barker Last Month

This marks the first time that Scott and Kourtney — who dated for nearly a decade — have publicly acknowledged one another since he was exposed for mocking her in leaked messages.

It seems like Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian are keeping things civil in spite of recent events.

In what marks their first public interaction in months, Scott left a sweet comment on Kourtney’s Instagram post on Tuesday night.

If you didn’t see it, Kourtney shared a cute snap on Instagram of her and Scott’s 9-year-old daughter Penelope, who celebrated Halloween by dressing as Cher Horowitz from the movie Clueless.

To fans’ delight, Scott reacted to his ex’s post with a witty reference to the classic 1995 film, writing, “O Cher, don’t forget she can’t keep driving her jeep without her drivers License.”

The response has since accumulated nearly 17,000 likes, confirming that fans of the former couple are definitely happy to see Scott interacting with his ex in light of reports that he had “distanced” himself from the Kardashian family in recent months.

And if you’re wondering why this friendly exchange between two exes has garnered so much interest, then allow me to explain the sequence of events that led to this moment being significant.

But first, let’s briefly rewind to the 2000s and remind ourselves how Scott and Kourtney came to be.

So their romance began when they were introduced by a mutual friend in 2006, long before Keeping Up With the Kardashians hit our screens. They wound up dating on and off for nearly a decade, before eventually calling it quits for good in 2015.

Many of the various ups and downs of Scott and Kourtney’s relationship were documented on KUWTK, with fans following the couple as they faced challenges in the spotlight, including cheating accusations and concerns for Scott's health as he underwent treatment in rehab.

But in spite of their complicated past, the two have managed to work together to turn their romance into a successful and civil co-parenting relationship, to the benefit of their three shared children: Mason, 11, Penelope, 9, and Reign, 6.

And while they have both dated other people in the years since their split, it was no secret that Scott had hopes of eventually rekindling the relationship.

In fact, one of the major plotlines in the final season of KUWTK, which aired this year, was Scott's persistent attempts to get back together with Kourt, at one point even telling her that he was ready to marry her.

So — just when we thought a ~Skourt~ reunion might be on the horizon — along came Travis Barker.

In the unlikely event that you missed it, Kourtney and Travis — who have been friends for well over a decade — went public with their relationship in February and swiftly announced their engagement on Oct. 18 after less than a year of dating.

As Kourtney and Travis’s relationship intensified, Scott’s public interactions with the Kardashians became more and more infrequent, with fans noticing that he was suddenly absent from family gatherings — including their Easter and Thanksgiving celebrations, where Travis was present.

And so it came as no surprise that after the news of Kourtney’s engagement, reports began to roll in alleging that Scott was not coping well with the announcement.

“Scott is stewing over Kourtney and Travis’ engagement and not happy at all,” a source told Entertainment Tonight last month. “He’s lonely right now and not in a relationship, and is very jealous that things are working out for Kourtney. Scott would prefer to go back to when him and Kourtney were just getting along as co-parents without anyone else in their lives romantically.”

But perhaps most worryingly, a source close to the family told Page Six that Scott was “about to go off the deep end,” adding, “It’s really bad. It’s about to get dark.”

To make matters more complicated for Scott, the surprise engagement came just a month after he split from Amelia Hamlin after nearly a year of dating.

Scott and Amelia’s relationship brought a number of its own controversies, but it was events surrounding Scott’s complicated history with Kourt that eventually saw the romance come to an end.

So, as you may recall, Scott got caught up in a scandal involving some leaked DMs between him and one of Kourtney's other exes, Younes Bendjima — which was later confirmed by Lisa Rinna, Amelia’s mom, to be one of the main causes of her split from Scott.

In late August, when Scott and Amelia were still together, Younes — who dated Kourtney on and off between 2016 and 2018 — publicly exposed Scott for mocking Kourtney's PDA with Travis in Instagram DMs.

The exchange between the two exes began when Scott — in an apparent attempt to start a conversation and vent about their mutual ex — sent Younes a picture of Kourtney straddling Travis. Scott proceeded to mock his ex, writing, "Yo is this chick ok!???? Broooo like what is this."

Younes then took things one step further by sharing a screenshot of the awkward exchange on his Instagram story, marking the first time that we had heard Scott's thoughts on Kourt's new relationship since he gave his "blessing" during the KUWTK reunion back in June.

And so, despite maintaining that he was in support of his ex’s new relationship, Scott's messages basically confirmed what many were already thinking: Kourtney was still very much on Scott's mind.

Shortly after the DM drama, a source close to the former couple told US Weekly that Scott and Kourtney’s relationship was “more strained than ever” as a result of the leaked messages.

So, with such little information on the current state of their relationship, fans were certainly excited by Scott and Kourtney's recent Instagram interaction.

And while a romantic reunion may not be on the cards for these two, it’s amazing to see that their bond as civil co-parents seems to be going strong.

And finally, if there’s one thing we’ve learned about Scott and Kourtney over the years, it’s that they’ll always overcome the hurdles to ensure the best for their kids.

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