Kim Kardashian Posted Kanye West’s New Music Video After They Shocked Fans By Going To Dinner Together Following All The Messy Divorce Drama

After his career crumbled following his antisemitic hate speech in 2022, Kanye’s collaboration album with Ty Dolla $ign is expected to drop on Friday.

Kanye West, who has legally changed his name to Ye, is gearing up for the release of his new album, and it looks as if he’s got the support of his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian.

Close-up of Ye and Kim smiling at a media event

In the wake of his career downfall in 2022, Ye is plotting a big return to music alongside Ty Dolla $ign. And the duo’s new collab album, Vultures, looks set to mark the debut of a certain up-and-coming rapper by the name of North West.

Close-up of North with Kim on the street

As you probably know, North, who is Kim and Ye’s 10-year-old daughter, has made no secret of her desire to follow in her father’s creative footsteps and pursue a career in music. And now it looks as if her dreams might be coming true.

Close-up of North and Kim at a sports event

While previewing Vultures during a listening event in December, Ye first teased a song called “Talking,” on which North makes her rap debut as Miss Westie.

Close-up of North and Kim on the street in sunglasses by a car

“I love it here / We gonna take over the year for another year,” she raps in the now-viral verse. “It’s your bestie, Miss, Miss Westie / Don’t tryna test me / It’s gonna get messy / It’s gonna get messy / Just, just bless me, bless me / It’s your bestie, Miss, Miss Westie / Just tryna bless me.”

Close-up of North and Kim at a media event

And with only a matter of days to go before the song’s official release with the full album on Friday, Ye took to Instagram to share the music video for the track — which, of course, features a cameo from Miss Westie herself.

Close-up of Ye and North whispering in his ear

The video shows Ye alongside his lookalike daughter as she raps along to the lyrics, and in some shots she can be seen sitting on his shoulders.

Close-up of Ye with North sitting on his shoulders

In another frame showing only North, various hands can also be seen braiding and brushing her hair as she raps with the energetic enthusiasm that will be familiar to anyone who’s ever seen her viral TikTok videos.

Later in the clip, the song transitions into another track from the album, called “Once Again,” which is performed by Ye and Ty.

Close-up of Ty

Keeping the father-daughter theme going, Ty is also joined by his daughter, Jailynn Crystal. Unlike North, however, she is not featured on the track.

Close-up of Ty and Jailynn

In the hours since it was posted, the video has amassed more than 34 million views on Instagram and has been liked by a number of famous folks — including North’s aunt and Ye’s former sister-in-law Khloé Kardashian.

Khloé, Kim, North, and Kris Jenner with Kourtney's daughter Penelope in silver outfits

And Khloé wasn’t the only member of the Kardashian family to support the video, with Kim taking to her Instagram story to repost the full clip of her ex and their eldest daughter.

Kim and Ye sitting together and smiling at a sports event

She captioned the video repost “Miss Westie” and notably did not comment directly on Ye.

Kim's IG story showing Ye and North and "Miss Westie" caption

As a reminder, Kim and Ye’s divorce was finalized in November 2022 after a nearly two-year legal battle, which saw the former couple’s cordial relationship deteriorate publicly after he harassed Kim and accused her of preventing him from seeing their four children.

Close-up of Ye and Kim at a media event

When Ye’s public hate speech and antisemitism peaked in 2022, Kim condemned his behavior and made it clear during an episode of The Kardashians that she barely recognized the person he’s become since their split.

Close-up of Ye and Kim at a media event

“It’s really confusing for me that it’s so different than the person that I married, because that’s who I loved and that’s who I remember,” she told Khloé during an emotional conversation about Ye's hate speech.

Close-u pof Kim leaning on a couch

“The whole situation is sad, and I don’t know how to emotionally manage it,” she added. “I’m conflicted because I don’t ever want to jump in and be a part of a downfall for the father of my kids.”

Close-up of Ye and Kim at a media event

And while the exes have been forced to navigate their fair share of conflict in the time since their divorce, it seems as if they might finally be in a more cordial place for the good of North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm.

Notably, Kim’s repost of Ye’s new video comes a week after the two of them were photographed grabbing dinner together at Nobu in LA on Jan. 30.

Close-up of Ye looking at Kim at a media event

Apparently arriving minutes apart from each other, the exes were joined by North and a group of her friends — who all happened to be sporting Vultures merch.

Close-up of Kim in sunglasses and a coat

Prior to this, Kim and Ye’s public interactions were limited to their kids’ various sporting events — most recently, the pair were seen chatting amicably at Saint’s basketball game on Jan. 27.

Close-up of Ye

So it seems as if Kim and Ye might finally be starting to see eye to eye when it comes to their kids. Although we’re likely to hear more about any behind-the-scenes conflict when Vultures drops tomorrow.

Close-up of Ye in pants and a T-shirt walking on the street by a parking lot
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