Ben Affleck Shut Down “Selling Sunset” Star Emma Hernan After She Claimed That She Matched With Him On Raya Right Before He Got Back Together With Jennifer Lopez

*Dakota Johnson voice* Actually, no, that’s not the truth, Emma.

If you — like many people — spent the past weekend catching up on Season 5 of Selling Sunset, then it’s likely your ears might have perked up at the mention of Ben Affleck.

In a scene featuring a conversation between Emma Hernan and Chrishell Stause, the A-lister got a surprise shoutout when the duo got to talking about a viral TikTok that took over the internet last year.

As you might remember, in May last year, Ben seemingly got exposed for sending a bizarre but hilarious video to a woman who apparently unmatched him on the high-profile dating app, Raya. It wasn’t clear exactly when the video message was sent, but it sure looks and sounds like him!

So, while Chrishell reflected on the viral moment, Emma quickly chimed in to drop a bombshell of her own.

“He may or may not have been texting me,” she said. “He may or may not have asked to grab coffee a few times.”

“I didn't go,” she added.

Chrishell was quick to note that Ben is now dating — and more recently got engaged toJennifer Lopez, going on to theorize that Emma could have “foiled” Bennifer’s long-awaited reunion, had they hit it off on the dating service.

“You could've foiled Bennifer! He was on the hunt,” Chrishell joked, prompting Emma to say that she and Ben were chatting “right before” he and J.Lo got back together in July.

“Right?” Emma responded to Chrishell’s query. “It was right before that. So maybe that wouldn't have happened. We have the Boston connection. So that was his opening pickup line.”

Well, it seems that Ben wants no part in the gossip, given that he very quickly confirmed through his representative that the timeline of Emma’s story couldn’t possibly be accurate, because he’s not been on Raya in “years.”

“Raya has confirmed that he has not been an active member for several years,” his spokesperson told People on Saturday — one day after the new episodes of Selling Sunset hit Netflix.

If you’re now confused about the video that went viral just last year, it’s worth mentioning that this isn't the first time that Ben has been honest about his use of Raya.

After rumors began swirling in 2019 that he had been spotted on the app, he took to Instagram to confirm in a lighthearted post that he was in fact an active user.

“HA, you got me. I’m dating,” Ben wrote, before seizing the opportunity to ask if Raya would be willing to make a donation to an organization close to his heart.

To put all speculation to rest, Emma’s rep also followed up with People over the weekend, clarifying that the reality star had been referring to an interaction with Ben that happened in 2019 — when he was an active user of Raya.

And with that, the case is closed.

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