Ashton Kutcher Admitted He’s “Banned” From Smoking Weed After A THC Edible Made Him Think He And Mila Kunis Were Broke And You’re Gonna Need To Read This For Yourself

“The minute weed became legal in California, I got banned from doing it.”

In the 2000s and 2010s, Ashton Kutcher developed a reputation for hosting outlandish, wild, and weed-infused parties in LA — see Demi Moore’s memoir for reference.

But now, at 44 years old, the dad of two has put his party days firmly in the past — and for good reason, it seems.

In a brand-new interview with Esquire this week, Ashton opened up about a wide range of topics spanning from divorce to drugs, telling one particularly ~interesting~ story about his decision to give up weed.

At one point in the interview, the writer describes a detailed breakdown of Ashton’s day-to-day life alongside his wife, Mila Kunis. Waking up at 5:30 a.m., cooking breakfast, doing the school run — you know the drill.

Prompting him to reflect on the comparatively busier days in his and Mila’s personal lives, Ashton began telling the writer about how his relationship with weed has changed over the years.

“I haven’t done a drug in ten years,” he says, before remembering something that causes him to backtrack almost immediately.

After this, Ashton tells the writer a story about the very last time he did drugs. He doesn’t specify exactly when it was, but he mentions that it was shortly after he had a vasectomy (their youngest child was born in 2016, so…yeah.)

To set the scene, Ashton and Mila were in Italy for a friend's wedding, where he decided to take a THC mint. “That shit did not go well,” he said, reflecting on the fateful night.

Things were bad from the moment the high hit, when Ashton — fresh off the back of his vasectomy — became convinced that he’d lost all feeling from the waist down.

Naturally, he “panicked” and decided the best course of action would be to head back to his room. Unfortunately, he couldn’t quite remember where it was, so he wound up enlisting Mila to lead the way.

Once he’d made it back to his bed, things continued to go downhill. He decided it would be a good and very convenient time to check in with his finances, and before long, Ashton had concluded that he and Mila were completely bankrupt. Like, so broke that they should probably head home.

Ashton recalled to the writer convincing himself that the pair "were going broke" and thinking: “We can't even afford to be here right now!”

The next day, it occurred to Ashton where he’d gone wrong. “I realized I had moved the decimal point,” he said.

Traumatic as it was, Ashton — and perhaps Mila too — decided that that would be the end of his weed use. And for the most part, he seems very content with the choice.

“The minute weed became legal in California, I got banned from doing it,” he joked.

Well, the guy completed the New York City Marathon late last year, so it seems like the lifestyle change hasn’t done him too much harm!

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