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11 Italian Phrases We Said Out Loud While Looking At Pictures Of Jack Dorsey's Beard In 2015

Mi scusi, mi scusi!

Posted on December 31, 2015, at 3:42 p.m. ET

1. Mamma Mia!

First instance I have seen of a Lincoln beard -- big trend out here -- that works is, of course, @jack

3. Come impressionante!

Newly-Minted Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Debuts Beard Over 140 Characters:

4. Delizioso!

@mat so uh hey sorry if my ragged lines wires and opposing angles take away from these exquisite curves


5. Dove è la biblioteca?

Cnbc / Getty Images

7. Come si lavare qualcosa di simile?

Cnbc / Getty Images

8. Per grave, qual è il suo volto


9. *does that thing where you bring your fingertips to your lips and kiss them*

Bloomberg / Getty Images

10. Mio Dio, guarda che cosa cazzo.

Got a haircut yesterday. #DisneySide

11. Bravo!

Scott Olson / Getty Images