In The First Six Months Of 2015, 50% Of Apple Hires Were From Underrepresented Groups

But the company's top leadership is still 72% white men. A look at Apple's brand-new diversity report.

Today Apple released a report revealing the racial and gender breakdown of its staff and championing its diversity efforts.

Apple hired 65% more women, 50% more African-Americans, and 66% more Latinos last year than it did the previous year.

And in the first six months of 2015, nearly half of the company's new hires were women, black, Latino, or Native American.

But overall, the company is still 69% male and 54% white.

And its leadership is 72% male and 63% white.

According to the company's 2014 Employer Information Report, 60 of the 83 — or 72.2% — of the people on its highest level of leadership were white men.

Apple's overall numbers are more or less on par with those of the other tech giants — Facebook's and Google's gender breakdowns are both nearly identical to Apple's, though Apple is now slightly less white.

"Some people will read this page and see our progress," Cook's letter says. "Others will recognize how much farther we have to go. We see both."