Taylor Swift Dropped The First Previously Unreleased Track From "Fearless" And It's A Cozy Trip Down Memory Lane

The Old Taylor is resurrected in "You All Over Me (From The Vault)."

The Old Taylor is risen!

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Ms. Swift surprised us all this week by announcing the first previously unreleased single from her 2008 album Fearless, "You All Over Me (From The Vault)," would drop this Friday.

Last month, Taylor revealed her rerecorded version of Fearless — aptly subtitled (Taylor's Version) — was set to be released on April 9.

The album will contain rerecorded versions of Fearless and its deluxe edition's 19 original tracks, plus "Today Was a Fairytale" from the Valentine's Day soundtrack. But, Taylor revealed in her announcement, it would also include six previously unreleased songs written in the years she was working on Fearless.

"Only I know which songs I wrote that almost made the Fearless album," Taylor said in her announcement. "Songs I absolutely adored, but were held back for different reasons."

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Those reasons included not wanting to add too many sad songs to the album, or too many down-tempo songs, or being unable to fit so many tracks on one physical CD, because it was 2008 and that was a genuine concern.

But, Taylor wrote of her rerecordings, all that "seems unnecessary now."

"I've decided I want you to have the whole story," she said. "See the entire vivid picture, and let you into the entire dreamscape that is my Fearless album."

Of the six new songs that are to be included on Fearless (Taylor's Version), the singer said: "Written when I was between the ages of 16 and 18, these were the ones it killed me to leave behind."

And on Wednesday, Taylor announced we would be getting a sneak peek at the first of those songs, "You All Over Me," later this week.

"One thing I've been loving about these From The Vault songs is that they've never been heard, so I can experiment, play, and even include some of my favorite artists," Taylor said in her post about the song's release.

She revealed she had invited country star Maren Morris to perform backing vocals on the track, and it had been produced by her Folklore and Evermore collaborator, the National's Aaron Dessner.

Well, now the song has dropped, and — understandably, perhaps predictably, but still delightfully — it's a cozy, nostalgic trip down memory lane with the 18-year-old Taylor Swift whose music an awful lot of us first fell in love with.

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It may sound obvious, because it was written by the same person at the same time, but "You All Over Me" contains some of the most recognizable trademarks of a Fearless-era Taylor Swift track, both sonically and lyrically.

The endearing country twang is a tried and true hallmark of Taylor's earlier discography, as are lyrics depicting country roads and muddy tires, and references to specific moments in time. (It may not mention 2 a.m. or Tuesdays, but "You All Over Me" does make reference to "the best and worst day of June.")

But perhaps most notable in its Fearlessness is the song's opening line. The lyrics open with a reference to rain on the sidewalk, harking back to Fearless's title track, which lays the foundation for the entire album, and begins with the phrase: "There's something 'bout the way the street looks when it's just rained."

In that sense, "You All Over Me (From The Vault)" is the ideal reintroduction to this new-old iteration of Fearless-era Taylor — and perhaps that's exactly why she chose to release it first. After all, Fearless (Taylor's Version) is only two weeks away.

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As for Swifties, they're taking a moment to celebrate how much Taylor has grown since Fearless's initial release in 2008, as well as recognizing how lucky we are to get to experience a brand-new taste of that iconic era almost 13 years later.

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Including notable Swifties and Taylor's actual children, Conan Gray and Olivia Rodrigo.

It's safe to say the Yeehaw Swift Renaissance has well and truly arrived — and it couldn't be more welcome.

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