Pink Got Refreshingly Honest About The Challenges Of Maintaining A Long-Term Marriage

"It's an impossible expectation to think you're going to evolve at exactly the same pace as another person."

Pink is opening up about the realities of long-term marriage after celebrating her 15th anniversary with husband Carey Hart in January.

In an interview with People ahead of her Amazon Prime documentary All I Know So Far, the 41-year-old acknowledged that she and Carey have "grown up together" — but their relationship hasn't been without its challenges.

"When you first get together, you look at that person as your entire world," Pink said. "One person can't be your entire world. You have to have your own passions, your own friends, your own time to yourself."

"I used to be super needy," she confessed. "Now we expect less of each other, and that allows us to give each other more somehow."

The singer went on to speak about her belief in the importance of counseling, saying both she and Carey have individual therapy as well as couples counseling.

"I think it's an impossible expectation for you to think that you're going to evolve at exactly the same pace as another person in exactly the same direction," Pink told People.

"It takes work to redefine what's important," she went on. "I don't want to break up my family. That's been my main goal, since I had a broken family."

"Sometimes you have to let it go," she admitted. "You can't die on every mountain."

Celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary in January with a tribute to Carey on her Instagram account, Pink wrote: "Proud of us babe. See, sometimes being stubborn pays off. What a wild ride it's been, once we learned how to stay in our race line."

Read Pink's interview with People in full here.

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