Nicole Kidman Said She Was "Very Much Masha" When She First Met Her "Nine Perfect Strangers" Costars After Revealing She Stayed In Character For Five Months

"I would walk up, I'd put my hand on their heart, I would hug them."

Nicole Kidman is sharing some more insight into her preparation for her role in Hulu's Nine Perfect Strangers, revealing she stayed in character to such an extent that her costars thought she was "completely crazy" when they met.

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Speaking to People, Nicole recalled that she didn't actually meet her castmates until her first day of filming, by which time she was fully immersed in the role of mysterious Russian wellness guru Masha.


"I didn't really meet any of the people that were checking into Tranquillum House until the day we were shooting," the 54-year-old revealed.

"So when I came in and we shot the first episode first, it was pretty much like meeting all of them for the first time, and I stayed in character."

"I was very much Masha, and the way I related to everyone was through my shop," Nicole explained. "So I think everyone thought I was completely crazy."

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She went on to say that she greeted everyone as Masha would — with a hand on their heart and a hug.


"I would walk up, I'd put my hand on their heart," Nicole recalled. "I would hug them."

"I was thinking primarily in my Russian American accent," she added.

But Nicole's Nine Perfect Strangers costar Manny Jacinto remembers their first meeting differently, revealing he was surprised to find out the star was actually quite shy.

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"She's actually very introverted, and that surprised me because I'm an introvert," Manny told People. "I'm a very shy person and that gave me a lot of hope, if anything. If this lady can have such an incredible body of work as an introvert, maybe there's hope for other introverts out there."

"That was the biggest surprise," the 34-year-old said of Nicole. "Her shyness, but yet her willingness to be open."

The interview comes after Nicole revealed she stayed in character for five months while filming the series — and even stopped responding to her own name.

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"I'd only respond as Masha," she said during a Television Critics Association panel earlier this month.

"I wanted a very calm healing energy to emanate all the time," Nicole went on. "So I remember going over to people and sort of putting my hand on their heart, holding their hand."

"They would talk to me or use my name, Nicole, [and] I would completely ignore them," she said.

As for what her husband, Keith Urban, thought of her transformation, Nicole revealed in an interview this week that he didn't mind — and joked he was actually kind of into it.

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"He enjoyed Masha when she came home," Nicole told E!'s Daily Pop on Tuesday.

"He kind of liked the Russian accent, I have to say."