Megan Fox Opened Up About The "Pressure" And "Shame" Of Being A Working Mom In Hollywood

"There is that thing in this industry of like, 'Well, are you giving up? Are you just a mom now?'"

Megan Fox is opening up about her experience as a mother working in Hollywood, admitting the pressure of being a working mom is "really intense."

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During an appearance on the Kelly Clarkson Show on Thursday, Megan — who is mom to Noah, 8, Bodhi, 7, and Journey, 4 — said the showbiz industry is "not adapted" to deal with women becoming mothers.

The 34-year-old called her experience working while pregnant "unforgiving," saying that due to changes in a person's body past a certain stage of pregnancy "they don't want you on camera."


"[Then] once you have the baby, it's like, 'Well, you're going to have to leave to nurse every two hours, and that costs us money, and now we're dealing with insurance,'" Megan recalled.

"It becomes this big thing," she added. "Hollywood is not adapted to women and us actually having lives and being moms."

She went on to say that the simultaneous pressures of having to return to work and look a certain way combined with the stress of being a new mom can be "really intense."


"I had to be on a TV show," Megan said, recalling one of the times she gave birth. "So in your brain, you're delivering, and I'm like, 'OK, well I've got to lose 30 pounds in eight weeks.'"

"Those things are really stressful, and you're supposed to be bonding, and nurturing yourself, and nourishing your baby," she went on. "That creates a lot of tension and a lot of stress and a lot of anxiety for us to go back to work too early."

Acknowledging the importance of physical appearance to an actor's career, Megan said: "What if, you know, I have melasma, I have acne from my pregnancy. Now I'm rushing into dermatologists to get all this fixed so I can be on camera."

"Those little things people might not think about — where normally you would just want to be hibernating with your child, you can't do that, because you're juggling all these other things as well," she went on.


"You don't want to lose opportunities, and also, there is that thing in this industry of like, Well, are you giving up? Are you just a mom now?" Megan said. "There's this weird pressure, which also then creates guilt."

"You go to work too soon to satisfy those people, and then you have the guilt of, I shouldn't have gone back this soon," she elaborated. "Now I'm a bad mom. My baby will always have this imprint on them. I've done something wrong."

"The stress from both sides is really intense," Megan concluded. "Shame, guilt, all those things."

When asked what can be done to better adapt the industry for working mothers, Megan said she isn't sure, but that it starts with having more women in positions of power.

"As more women rise up the ranks, and are in control and in power in Hollywood, then obviously those things will change," Megan said.


"It's been a patriarchy for so long that the power's been in the hands of people who don't understand and haven't been made to understand," she went on.

"It makes sense that it's played out this way."

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