Kelly Clarkson Said She Felt "Smacked In The Face" By Her Own Lyrics On "The Voice" Amid Her Divorce From Brandon Blackstock

"It's interesting when you write something, and you don't feel it until years later."

Kelly Clarkson got tearful during this week's episode of The Voice after one contestant performed an emotional rendition of her song "Already Gone."

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The song, which was originally released in 2009, tells the story of an inevitable breakup and the singer's desire for the other person in the relationship to move on.

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But it appears that the lyrics may contain a new meaning for Kelly over a decade later, with the singer tearing up during The Voice contestant Corey Ward's rehearsal and admitting that she felt he was "smacking her in the face with her own message."


"When I wrote 'Already Gone,' I was going through something that I thought, It's OK. It doesn't always have to work out," Kelly said during Monday's episode.

"Hearing him sing that to me, in my life now," she went on. "It's like, Are you smacking me in the face with my own message?"

"It's interesting when you write something, and you don't feel it until years later," the 38-year-old added.

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Kelly's comments come in the midst of her divorce from her husband of seven years, Brandon Blackstock.

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In December, Kelly opened up about the reason for her divorce on her talk show, saying her relationship with Brandon "wasn't happiness" and admitting she had realized they "both deserved better."

Prior to that, she hinted that the couple weren't "the best versions of themselves" when they were together.

"You want to make sure you're surrounded by people that also want to be the best versions of themselves and also want a good common goal for everyone, not just themselves," Kelly said at the time.

She went on: "People could be bad for you in a certain time. I think that everybody just goes, 'Oh well, that means they're bad.' Well, it doesn't necessarily mean that; it just means that you're on different paths."

"I think that's OK," she added. "Everybody's on a different learning curve."

Earlier this year, Kelly revealed she had written "like 60 songs" while dealing with her divorce, saying: "I don't know how anybody goes through grief like divorce — any kind of grief, any kind of loss — without having an outlet like this."

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"It is an insane amount of getting it out. I think that's a blessing in itself," Kelly told Entertainment Tonight in February. "Anytime you go through some life, it's such an awesome thing to have that outlet, regardless of whether people hear it or not."

"Music has that way, even for me," she added. "I listen to other artists and music has a way of healing you."



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