Dove Cameron Explained Why The CW Is Reshooting The Live-Action "Powerpuff" Pilot

"They didn't decide to rework the pilot because the script leaked...that wasn't what happened."

Dove Cameron has opened up about the reasons the live-action Powerpuff Girls pilot is being reshot after it was revealed the show was being "overhauled" because CW executives decided it was "too campy."

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Last month, Variety reported the Powerpuff pilot was being reworked because it was "'too campy' and not as rooted in reality as network execs would have liked."

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"The reason you do pilots is because sometimes things miss, and this was just a miss," explained the CW's CEO, Mark Pedowitz.

"In this case, the pilot didn't work," he went on. "But because we see there's enough elements in there, we wanted to give it another shot. So that’s why we didn’t want to go forward with what we had. Tonally, it might've felt a little too campy. It didn’t feel as rooted in reality as it might've felt. But again, you learn things when you test things out."

"In this case, we felt, let's take a step back and go back to the drawing board," Pedowitz said.

Well, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday, one of the show's stars, Dove Cameron, weighed in on the reshoot, admitting she's actually "very excited" at the prospect.

"It's a really big piece of IP, and it's tonally very specific," Dove acknowledged. "Like getting it right, making everybody happy, and also making sure that it translates. It's so specific."

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"We're removing some elements and we're replacing others," she went on. "I think the script is going to get another whack, and it's just going to be a slightly different approach, but everything else is going to stay the same."

"I'm actually very excited at the thought of it," Dove admitted. "I was texting the girls and we're like, 'Oh. Well, now we know what we're doing.' What an amazing thing. You never get to do that as an actor — go back and be like, 'What would I have done differently?'"

"I cannot say enough good things about the show and the character," she continued. "So I'm very, very excited. I'm very excited to have everybody see how it's [coming] together."

Elsewhere in the interview, Dove clarified that the pilot is not being reshot because of backlash over the allegedly leaked script that appeared online.

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"They didn't decide to rework the pilot because the script leaked," she said. "I just need to say that that wasn't what happened."

"We had to reshoot it anyway for a couple of reasons," Dove added.

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