Chrissy Teigen Responded To Commenters Who Called Her Topless Photo With 2-Year-Old Son Miles "Weird"

"Wait til they find out we take baths together."

Chrissy Teigen is no stranger to shutting down mom-shamers, and she did it again this week after several Instagram commenters criticized a photo of her with her 2-year-old son, Miles.

On Tuesday night, Chrissy posted a photo of Miles crashing a topless photo session, joking in the caption: "Please move, Mommy is trying to be thirsty."

Plenty of people in the comments praised the photo, saying it was the epitome of motherhood.

But several other commenters weren't impressed, calling the picture "weird" and "inappropriate."

"Sorry," one commenter wrote. "I love ya. But this is inappropriate."

"Am I the only one cringing," another person said.

Of course, people jumped in to defend Chrissy, arguing that the people finding the photo inappropriate were the ones being "weird."

And Chrissy herself responded with a jokey comment suggesting all the mad people reply in one place, "so I can just block you in one area."

"Wait til [they] find out we take baths together," she said in another.

Plenty of people took the opportunity to praise Chrissy for teaching her kids to be comfortable in their bodies, as well as sharing their own experience with their lack of privacy around their children.

"A mom teaching their kids to be proud of their bodies," one person commented. "I see that as good parenting."

"Anyone who finds this weird needs to examine their own hang ups," another said.

Chrissy opened up about her experiences with mom-shaming during an interview on the Today show last year, admitting that the comments affect her and contribute to her self-doubt as a parent.

"It's pretty much everything," Chrissy said at the time. "The comments affect me. Of course."

"Not only do we have our own personal judgment and vendetta against ourselves, but we also have to read and hear these voices online all the time," she added. "It's hard to weed out."

She went on: "Sometimes I want to say something so badly, but it's not worth it to me, and I need my mind to be clear. I'm much better at knowing the timing of when to say things and not to say things."

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