McDonald's Just Announced A BTS Meal Is Coming And ARMY Had Some Seriously Hilarious Jokes

"Does it come with a photocard?"

Hi! Do you know BTS? Of course you do.

I'm sure you're also familiar with a little-known restaurant called McDonald's. And, as it turns out, so is BTS!

The fast-food giant announced in a tweet on Monday that it'll be releasing a meal in collaboration with BTS — a follow-up to its Travis Scott and J. Balvin meals — next month.

Twitter: @McDonalds

According to a press release, the meal will consist of 10 McNuggets, a regular fries, and a regular Coke, plus sweet chili and cajun sauces inspired by recipes from McDonald's in South Korea.

The meal will be available in around 50 markets worldwide — more than ever before for one of the chain's special celebrity collabs — starting on May 26.

Of course, the announcement was met with great excitement from BTS fans — known as ARMY — who proceeded to do what they do best... Take over the timeline with a bunch of hilarious memes.

Twitter: @btschartdata

There were a lot of jokes about BTS themselves pulling up to the drive-thru.

Twitter: @jinkookhours

Because we all know Taehyung needs his Oreo McFlurry.

Twitter: @track11sea

There were suggestions that perhaps one of the members may use the opportunity to drop a new mixtape.

Twitter: @uvuIas

And ARMY may use the opportunity to get some new décor.

me when i see a jungkook poster at mcdonalds

Twitter: @vkyuer

There were puns.

Twitter: @hobichuus

And there was, of course, the classic "tall, blonde, and gorgeous" meme.

Twitter: @_tanamoon

There were also a lot of questions about whether we'd be getting a toy.

me behind a kid in the mcdonalds line waiting for my bts toy

Twitter: @partaetae

Army at McDonald’s May 26 for the Bts meal:

Twitter: @namjoonsvmin

But, most of all, ARMY was asking one thing:

“does it come with a photocard?”

Twitter: @TETEHOUR


“the one with the jimin pc please”

Twitter: @liIjiminvert

"Can i get all 7 pcs even if I have buy one meal?"

Twitter: @ot7religion

So many photocard jokes.

Twitter: @LVTKOO

See you at the drive-thru on May 26!!! 🍟💜

this is how i’m pulling up to the drive thru

Twitter: @jkssope

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