Morning Update: Measles Outbreaks Are "The New Normal"

After the Notre Dame fire, second chances for accused men, dragon ball. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, April 17.

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Notre Dame Cathedral staff couldn’t find the fire for 23 minutes after the first alarm went off

The first fire alarm went off inside the cathedral at 6:20 p.m. Staff evacuated visitors and searched for the fire. It wasn’t until a second alarm went off at 6:43 p.m. that it was detected in the cathedral’s attic.

Those 23 minutes were crucial for the spread of the catastrophic fire. Prosecutor Rémy Heitz told reporters, “We are favoring the theory of an accident.”

A remarkable story: Father Jean-Marc Fournier, the chaplain of the Paris Fire Brigade, led a human chain of rescue workers in retrieving priceless religious artifacts like the Crown of Thorns and the Tunic of Saint Louis.

A predictable story: Conspiracy theorists used the blaze to spread misinformation and an anti-Muslim narrative. We trace how the hoaxes spread.

An astounding story: These photos from inside the cathedral reveal the extent of the damage after the fire.

US measles outbreaks are “the new normal,” thanks to Europe’s outbreaks and anti-vaccine campaigns, experts say

In 2014, there were 667 cases of measles in the US, the highest on record since the disease was declared domestically eradicated in 2000.

In 2019 alone, there have been outbreaks of the contagious virus in 20 states, and 555 confirmed cases. It’s only April.

Now, public health experts say that we should expect even more measles outbreaks in the US, thanks to overseas epidemics and growing misinformation efforts by anti-vaxxers.


A 71-year-old man is accused of 100 counts of rape. Harvey Joseph Fountain was arrested on suspicion of 100 counts of first-degree rape for allegedly sexually abusing children. Fountain was accused of sexually abusing victims in the ’70s and ’80s in Pineville, Louisiana.

A man was offered $200 to beat a transgender woman as a crowd cheered on, police say. One suspect, 29-year-old Edward Thomas, has been arrested and charged with aggravated assault. Police said the attack is being reviewed to determine whether it meets the criteria for a hate crime.

ICE deported the husband of a soldier killed in Afghanistan, then quickly reversed the decision. Jose Gonzalez Carranza entered the US illegally at 15, but was granted a reprieve after his wife, Army Private First Class Barbara Vieyra, died in Afghanistan and his case was closed. He doesn’t know why ICE moved to deport him, or why he was allowed back in.

A 15-year-old YouTuber has caused anger and concern after suggesting she was married and pregnant. Danielle Cohn’s Instagrams, tweets, and videos caused a firestorm of heated reactions. Her mother told us her daughter did not legally wed her teen boyfriend.

Here are all the clues Taylor Swift dropped about her upcoming new album. Taylor, I am tired, these clues are wild, can you just tell us when the album is coming.

These tech execs faced #MeToo allegations. They all have new jobs.

Take, for example, Eyal Gutentag, Uber’s former Los Angeles general manager.

He was terminated after, according to three people who saw the incident, he was visibly intoxicated at a group outing and approached a woman from behind, pulled her hair, and groped one of her breasts and buttocks.

Four months later he had a new job.

A number of men who have been accused of and admitted to sexual misconduct have reemerged on the scene — sometimes within months of allegations surfacing in the public. Many have returned with new startups or venture funds backed by investors well-aware of their past behavior.

Advocates are wondering why these men are getting second chances without facing consequences for their actions.

Kit Harrington said one of his balls got trapped while filming a scene in the new season premiere of Game of Thrones

I am not a monster who spoils things for people, so only read the details if you’re ready for them, but the gist of the story is: Harrington says his right testicle got trapped.

There’s also this quote, with a look of terror in his eyes:

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