Morning Update: Good Morning, The Beatles Are Canceled

Bernie Sanders is running again, a Covington Catholic student is suing the Washington Post, trolls are ruining YouTube. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, Feb. 20.

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Two stories you need to know about the 2020 election

The first: Bernie Sanders is running for president again. The 77-year-old independent senator, who ignited a progressive movement with his 2016 campaign, confirmed his candidacy yesterday morning.

His announcement video on Twitter and YouTube revealed what will likely be the core issues of his campaign: single-payer health care, free college tuition, a Green New Deal plan, and his fights against a “corrupt” campaign finance system, a “rigged” economy, and income inequality.

Read Katherine Miller’s story on Sanders’ new run. Here we go again: again.

The second: 2020 campaigns are prioritizing sexual harassment policies in response to #MeToo.

Nine of the top 10 White House hopefuls told us how they are building out their 2020 campaigns and campaign teams while keeping in mind protections against sexual harassment and misconduct.

The Covington Catholic school student who went viral is suing the Washington Post for $250 million

16-year-old Nicholas Sandmann was seen in a viral video, standing face-to-face with a Native American elder, smirking, and saying nothing. He became the face of the story as it ricocheted around the internet.

Now, Sandmann is suing the Post, accusing the news organization of falsely describing him as racist and an instigator of a confrontation.

According to the lawsuit’s claim, the Post failed to verify the context of the video and, as a result, the teen has faced threats, bullying, and damage to his reputation.


Karl Lagerfeld has died at age 85. The fashion legend has been the creative director of Chanel since 1983. Here’s our obituary. Here’s how celebrities are mourning Lagerfeld’s death.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is back at the Supreme Court. The justice attended Tuesday's arguments — the first time she has done so since having surgery for lung cancer in December.

Ariana Grande has matched a feat last achieved by The Beatles. The pop singer is the first artist to claim the top three spots on the Hot 100 since the Fab Four did it in 1964. Grande’s “7 Rings,” “Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored,” and “Thank U, Next” sit at 1, 2 and 3 on the charts respectively.

The future of Jussie Smollett’s character on Empire is unclear as police dispute reports of the alleged attack upon him. Fox had previously vocally supported the actor but now won't comment on a report that Smollett’s character is being cut from upcoming scenes.

Emma Thompson quit a movie after John Lasseter, the Pixar cofounder accused of sexual misconduct, joined. Lasseter was hired as the new head of Skydance Animation. Thompson's exit from Luck comes after the studio’s employees expressed dissatisfaction with Lasseter's hiring.

Trolls are reuploading YouTube kids shows with a clip that encourages self-harm

YouTube has repeatedly come under fire for its inability to manage its content in the last few years, and this certainly won’t help.

Parents are concerned about popular shows on the platform being reuploaded with a spliced-in clip of a man joking about how to cut yourself.

YouTube has had to remove at least two of these videos in the past year after parents discovered them while watching cartoons with their children. Parents say the removal of the videos is not happening nearly fast enough.

A spokesperson for YouTube said the company, which relies on users and automation to flag inappropriate content, “work[s] hard to ensure YouTube is not used to encourage dangerous behavior.”

This bride carried her daughter on her back at her wedding and it’s super sweet

I’m really loving people’s reactions to this story — it’s really connecting with our audience.

When Dalton Mort’s big day came, she knew she wanted her 2-year-old daughter Ellora to play a big role in the wedding.

That’s how it came to be that Dalton carried Ellora strapped to her back as she walked down the aisle. Ellora was, as you can imagine, enthralled with her mother’s hair and decided to play with it a little bit.

Mort even took Ellora down to nurse while the couple exchanged vows. The photos from this day are incredible, you should really have a look. Here’s a sample:

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