Morning Update: "Endgame" Shattered Every Box Office Record

A deadly synagogue shooting, building a political movement, the aftermath of Notre Dame's fire. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, April 29.

A shooting at a synagogue near San Diego left one dead and three injured.

A 19-year-old man is in custody for allegedly opening fire inside Chabad of Poway on the last day of Passover. Police said he was armed with “an AR-type assault weapon.”

Four people — a young girl, two men, and a woman — were injured, authorities said. The woman — Lori Gilbert Kaye — died of her injuries in hospital, while the rabbi was among the injured men.

Kaye was killed after she stepped in between the gunman and the synagogue’s rabbi, Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein. Her death has been met with an outpouring of grief, with many calling Kaye a hero.

Rabbi Goldstein delivered a sermon after his fingers were shot off. After the shooting, he told reporters, “My congregation was gathered outside here, and I said I gotta do something.”

How the new movements, not old media, are driving politics.

One of the key ways the media got Donald Trump wrong in 2016 is it failed to see how voters were bypassing the traditional vetting a candidate received in the press — they were, instead, listening to the candidate directly.

In 2019 this is the norm. As Ben Smith writes, “these new politics look less like old presidential campaigns than like social media fandoms.”

So what does that mean for the 2020 Democratic primary? You might want to look at the candidates who have found their social media and movement fandoms early: Bernie Sanders, who never let his go, and Pete Buttigieg, who caught the moment.


Mexico’s raid on asylum-seekers marks a shift in its approach to caravans. Last week, Mexican immigration agents, along with federal police, raided a group of Central Americans traveling on foot in the south of the country. The raid raises questions over whether future caravans will be able to travel through Mexico.

Avengers: Endgame has shattered all box office records in its debut. It’s wild that Marvel got people to watch 22 films set in the same universe. That incredible feat was rewarded with a $1.2 billion debut weekend. It shattered every box office record imaginable.

The UK government is planning to make European Union students pay higher tuition fees to attend English universities. The UK’s education secretary is proposing to withdraw EU students' right to pay the same tuition as home students starting with the 2021 academic year, whether Britain leaves the EU with a deal or without one.

A dog stayed by his owner’s side after the man died on a hike, helping rescuers find them. The unidentified 64-year-old man was reported missing by his wife when he and his dog, Daisy, did not return home after a hike. Police said that without Daisy’s barking, they never would have found the pair.

Idris Elba and his partner, Sabrina Dhowre, got married in Morocco. I am very sorry about your plans to also marry him. At least the photos looked incredible, and you can enjoy those as your heart breaks.

The world mourned when Notre Dame burned. But some saw it as an opportunity to make France Catholic again.

As the historic cathedral suffered a catastrophic fire earlier this month, people around the world poured their hearts out online. Inside France, some tried to attach the fire to a larger narrative.

In the country’s major right-leaning newspaper, an anti-immigrant writer declared a person’s reaction to the fire as a loyalty test: “Those who did not cry for the spire as it was burning were not French.” Meanwhile, Bishop Matthieu Rougé of Nanterre published a column titled “And France Remembered It Was Catholic.”

France is famously secular, and observant Catholics make up a small minority. But as the French government raised $1 billion for Notre Dame’s reconstruction, the fire has reignited questions of religious identity for many French citizens.

When this teen couldn’t have the prom date she wanted, her 67-year-old grandpa stepped in, and it’s adorable.

Kaylah Bell was excited about prom. She had planned to go with her two best friends, but they planned to dress to match each other — so Bell didn’t know whom she was going to match.

That’s when her grandfather Alvin Hackett stepped in and seized the opportunity to take Bell to prom.

He even decided he’d show up matching Bell perfectly, and he gave her a beautiful corsage. Bell shared the photos she took, and people loved the sweet gesture. They loved the amazing looks the pair were serving up even more.

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