Morning Update: Brexit Chaos, Pursued By A Glare

All Brexit options rejected, Facebook to ban white supremacist content, just a little more kindness. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, March 28.

British MPs rejected every single alternative Brexit option

The no-deal Brexit plan failed. The customs union plan failed. Every single option on the table in the British Parliament failed, extending the chaos of Britain’s exit from the European Union.

All in all, the House of Commons voted on eight plans, none of which secured a majority. The alternative plan which secured the most votes was a motion calling for a second referendum, which lost by 295 to 268.

MPs could have another meaningful vote on UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal on Friday.

In a last-ditch effort to save Brexit from going more sideways, May even offered to resign if her already-twice-rejected plan was approved by MPs.

Here’s where it gets interesting: Ministers have warned that, should May’s deal fail to pass Parliament this week, a no-deal Brexit would not be accepted, and the UK would be headed for a longer EU deadline extension and, wait for it… an election.

Facebook says it will ban white nationalist and white supremacist content

The change, first reported by Motherboard, comes less than two weeks after Facebook was heavily criticized for its role in the Christchurch mosque attack

The social media giant said in addition to banning white supremacist content, it will also begin redirecting users who attempt to post such content to Life After Hate, a nonprofit that works to deradicalize people drawn into hate groups.

It’s not yet clear how Facebook will go about removing the content.


Migrant families are being housed under a bridge as the Border Patrol chief warns of an immigration “breaking point.” The Customs and Border Protection head said his agency is facing a humanitarian crisis as migrant families are being held in a makeshift encampment under a bridge in El Paso, Texas.

President Donald Trump supports more disaster funding for people who need it — just not the ones living in Puerto Rico. The president told Republican senators he thought Puerto Rico had already received a disproportionate amount of disaster relief. Several investigations found aid to the island lagged behind other places.

Betsy DeVos, who wants to cut funding to the Special Olympics, says the media lied about her wanting to cut funding to the Special Olympics. The education secretary is facing criticism for her proposal to cut the almost $18 million the government sends the group.

Monsanto has been ordered to pay $80 million after a jury found its weed killer caused a man’s cancer. Jurors ruled in favor of 70-year-old Edwin Hardeman, saying that Monsanto caused him harm by failing to adequately warn of the potential dangers of using its popular weed killer Roundup.

Local news anchors in Ohio decided to use teen lingo and it went about how you’d expect. Just for the record: I hate this.

The new Avengers: Endgame posters have people freaking out about a characters’s potential comeback. I won’t spoil it here in case you haven’t yet seen Infinity War, but I, too, am low-key excited. Here are some of the non-spoilery posters, though:

China has also been targeting foreigners in its crackdown on Muslims

For years now, we’ve been closely following China’s mass surveillance and incarceration campaign on its minority Muslim populations.

While China’s crackdown has been brutal, it appears that the country is broadening its targets.

Turkey is one of the few Muslim-majority countries to call out China on its repressive campaign. Now it emerges, six Turkish nationals — and possibly dozens more — are missing in China, lost to the black hole of its war on Muslims.

A BuzzFeed News investigation reveals the disappearance of the Turkish nationals, which has never been publicly acknowledged by Turkey. Their families fear their loved ones have been placed in internment camps.

12 ways to bring more kindness into your life

One thing I love about about putting together this newsletter is the feedback I hear from readers about the sign-offs — I appreciate hearing how they resonate with you.

The sign-offs, more than anything, are about (hopefully) orienting your day towards being a bit more present.

Illustrator and author Meredith Gaston’s new book, The Art of Kindness, is a lovely book that aims at the same goals, but aligns readers towards simple acts of kindness.

We’ve pulled out an excerpt of 12 ways to inject more kindness into your day, and it’s wonderful.

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