Incoming: The Victims Of The Gilroy Shooting

Tonight's Democratic debate, "Old Town Road" breaks a record, the dangers behind new kinds of cocaine. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, July 30.

Here are the victims of the Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting in California

At least 3 people, including a 6-year-old boy, died and 15 others were injured after a man opened fire at the food festival on Sunday.

Police said the 19-year-old suspect, who was killed by police, apparently entered the festival through a creek that borders the parking area after cutting through a fence to avoid security.

Gilroy Police Chief Scot Smithee said some witnesses reported a potential second suspect, but it remained unclear if that person was also a shooter or possibly supporting the shooter in some manner.

The Santa Clara County Medical Examiner-Coroner's Office identified the victims as Stephen Romero, 6, of San Jose, California; Keyla Salazar, 13, also of San Jose; and Trevor Irby, 25, from Romulus, New York. Here is everything we know about the victims of the shooting.

Worth noting: The rifle used in the shooting is banned in California — except the shooter bought it legally in Nevada. One activist put it this way: “You’re only as safe as the closest state with the weakest gun laws.”

The big questions to watch for in tonight’s Democratic presidential debate

This time around, 20 Democratic hopefuls are set to debate each other over two nights — tonight and tomorrow.

This week’s debates are notable because the qualifications for the next debate in September are much tougher — you simply won’t see as many candidates on stage in a month.

Since 20 candidates is a preposterous number of candidates to make sense of, we made a guide for the questions and moments to look for.

Big ones: Will Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders be pushed into a fight? Is Beto O’Rourke done?


Trump’s new immigration watchdog said he will conduct more inspections on detention facilities. Joseph Cuffari, the Department of Homeland Security's newly confirmed inspector general, has committed to continuing frequent and unannounced inspections of detention facilities, said the top Democratic leader in the Senate.

Lil Nas X has broken one of the longest-standing records in music history. For nearly 25 years, Mariah Carey’s collaboration with Boyz II Men, “One Sweet Day,” held the record for the longest reign atop the Billboard 100 with 16 weeks. Well, now “Old Town Road” has taken the title, remaining No. 1 for an astonishing 17 weeks.

One of our reporters went to Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau’s wedding and it was really weird. The wedding of the YouTube royalty was in the middle of a Las Vegas mall, Paul smeared cake all over the floor, and the couple left separately. Here’s the full account.

Meghan Markle has been announced as guest editor of British Vogue’s September issue and there are mixed opinions. The Duchess of Sussex, who will be the first guest editor of British Vogue in its 103-year history, called the experience “rewarding, educational and inspiring.” While many celebrated the announcement, some received it with skepticism.

Weird new kinds of cocaine could start a “hidden epidemic” of health threats

First, the numbers don’t look good: Cocaine use is up 47% in the US since its low point in 2011, with 2.2% of people over the age of 12 reporting they have snorted or smoked it in the last year. US cocaine and methamphetamine overdose deaths have also roughly tripled in the last five years, according to the CDC.

But on top of that, experts are now worried about a hidden wave of toxic lab-made adulterants that are infiltrating the illicit drugs. They suggest that cutting agents have turned markedly toxic, and many of the stimulant deaths in the US, too, could have those origins.

One expert described the situation as a “hidden epidemic” of chronic disease — organ failure, leaky blood vessels, and “flesh eating” infections — might threaten cocaine and meth users in coming years.

This British farmer didn’t know his wholesome TikTok account was going viral

Along all the strange TikToks people are sharing, you might notice that a farm in the southwest of England is also going viral.

The Caenhill Countryside Centre is a charity that works with children and young people to teach them about farming, animals, and the countryside. Naturally, it has a TikTok account.

In one of its videos, 61-year-old farmer Chris Franklin opens the door to his barn in the morning and provides commentary on “rush hour” as the chicks and ducks and geese (and roosters) scurry into the yard.

Because the internet is in a never-ending quest to find wholesomeness, that video has gone viral. Please enjoy.

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