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A second whistleblower comes forward, Hong Kong's mask ban, the FDA warns about vaping THC. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, Oct. 7.

A second whistleblower has come forward with information about President Trump

For the past few weeks, a call between President Donald Trump and Ukraine’s president has been at the center of an impeachment inquiry.

The reason the world knows about the call is because of a whistleblower complaint made public last month that claimed Trump abused “his office for personal gain” to pressure Ukraine’s leader to investigate a political rival, leaving the whistleblower “deeply disturbed.”

The whistleblower said in the complaint that they were not a “direct witness” to these events, but heard multiple credible accounts. Trump has criticized the whistleblower for not having firsthand information.

Now, a second whistleblower has come forward, who is said to have direct knowledge of Trump’s dealings with Ukraine. They’re being represented by the same attorney representing the first whistleblower.

The news comes after text messages released by House Democrats revealed top US diplomats to Ukraine discussing a quid pro quo at the heart of the impeachment inquiry: that aid to the country would be withheld until it did the bidding of the president's personal political interests.

Hong Kong banned wearing masks in public. So people filled the streets wearing masks in defiance.

Hong Kong’s massive protests are now in their 18th straight week. The months of unrest started over an unpopular bill that would have allowed extraditions to China, which many saw as the end of Hong Kong’s distinction from the mainland.

This week, the ongoing demonstrations and street battles saw new escalations: In an effort to discourage the protests, Hong Kong’s government used an emergency rule to introduce a ban on wearing masks in public. The move had the opposite effect: Hong Kongers made clear that they would not accept this ban — and that the way the bill was pushed through has only further soured people’s views on the government.


Three scientists won the Nobel prize in medicine for discovering how oxygen affects cells. William Kaelin, Sir Peter Ratcliffe, and Gregg Semenza were awarded the 2019 prize for discovering a fundamental process in animal life: how cells respond to oxygen.

A US diplomat’s wife who was involved in a deadly car crash in the UK has fled the country. Police say the woman drove a car onto the wrong side of the road and crashed into 19-year-old Harry Dunn, who was riding a motorcycle. The woman cooperated in the initial investigation, but then claimed diplomatic immunity and left the country before the investigation could be finished.

Four people were killed and five others injured in a shooting at a Kansas City bar. Police responded to a shooting at the crowded Tequila KC Bar, a private club where patrons need a membership. Authorities are still searching for two suspects and a motive. The victims were all Latino, but authorities say they do not believe it “was racially motivated.”

A man allegedly sexually assaulted his fiancé’s bridesmaid days before the wedding. Daniel J. Carney faces multiple charges. The bridesmaid told police she became intoxicated and blacked out, later waking up to find Carney on top of her. She told police the bride-to-be then walked in and screamed at Carney, while another bridesmaid took her out of the room.

Everything we know about the bizarre case of the Ukrainian “orphan” who may be an adult. I’ll be honest: This is beyond anyone’s ability to summarize. The story takes a lot of twists and turns. Here it is in detail.

Tom Holland straight-up called Disney’s CEO to save Spider-Man, and it actually worked. CEO Bob Iger revealed that a call with Holland was instrumental in motivating him to get the conflict between Disney and Sony resolved. Nothing but respect for my president.

The US government is now warning people not to use any vaping products with THC

After more than 1,000 vaping-related injuries were reported across the United States, and 18 deaths in 15 states, officials are warning consumers not to use any vaping products with THC.

Although officials said the exact cause behind the injuries has not been determined, most of the people who have suddenly fallen sick have reported using vaping products that contained THC.

The warning is the strongest caution issued by the Food and Drug Administration since a string of vaping-related illnesses was reported in 48 states and one US territory.

Those who have suddenly fallen sick have reported severe pneumonia symptoms, difficulty breathing, fever, fatigue, and respiratory failure.

A potential employer called a 24-year-old unprofessional for posting bikini pictures, and it backfired

Emily Clow was excited to apply for a job at Kickass Masterminds, an Austin-based marketing firm.

But soon after submitting an application to the company, Clow found they were using her social media posts against her.

The firm took a photo of her in a bikini from her Instagram account and posted it to the company's story, warning other applicants to not “share your social media accounts with a potential employer if this is the kind of content on it.”

After Clow tweeted that she felt objectified by the company, thousands have backed her. Meanwhile, Kickass Masterminds has had to take down its website and social media pages.

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