This Baby Otter Is So Cute, It Doesn't Really Matter No One Can Understand Her

IDK what she means but it's so cute.

A baby otter has gone viral on Twitter thanks to her cute squeaks.


Chii-tan☆, the otter, is 3 months old.

The viral video shows Chii-tan☆ talking to her owner (@love_otter_love) in a sweet voice.

People loved the video, which has been retweeted over 60,000 times. Some have tried to work out what Chii-tan ☆ was saying.

@love_otter_love 好き好き、大好きって言ってるよ

“She’s saying, ‘I love you, I really love you’.”

@love_otter_love @lRzql_ava かゆいところそこちゃうねん。もっと後ろやねん。っておま・・・そこちゃういうとろーがー!!!もっと後ろや後ろ!!って言ってますね

“Naw, that’s not the itchy part. It’s all the way back… Hey dude, I told you it’s not therrrrre!!! Way back, BACK.”

@love_otter_love @tadekawat 「地球人は我々の支配下となるだろう」

“Earthlings will be under our control.”

Some people thought that other animals could understand Chii-tan ☆.

@love_otter_love FF外から失礼します カワウソちゃん可愛いと思って流してたらうちのハムちゃんがなんか悟りを開いたような顔してました。きっと何か伝わったのですかね😆

“I thought the otter was cute so I played the video, and my hamster looked like she was spiritually awakened. My hamster probably was able to understand something.”

@love_otter_love この動画を見てたらカワウソ語が理解できたのかウチの犬様も必死に何かを訴えてきましたが…私も犬語が理解できないから詰んでますww

“I was watching this video, and my dog, who must’ve understood otter language, desperately tried to tell me something… but I also don’t know dog language, so I’m stuck lol”

@love_otter_love これ流した瞬間うちの猫が俺の腕を何回も噛んできます。ちぃたんは何とおっしゃってるのでしょう…

'The moment I played the video, my cat bit my arm so many times. What is Chii-tan saying…”

Chii-tan☆'s owner, who asked BuzzFeed News to be referred to as Chii-tan☆ Papa, said that the baby otter is very clingy and timid, and the noise heard in the video is common for her.

"In the video, it looks like she saw me after having waited for hours, but in actuality, I only made her wait about 10 seconds," he said.

He said he was surprised by the amount of responses he got on the video.


"Most of the comments came from other pet owners," he said. "In particular, cats seem to react more to the video by tilting their head or coming close and meowing to the video."


When asked what he thought the otter was saying, Chii-tan☆ Papa said, "I think she first complains that she wants me close by when she wakes up, and then immediately says that she loves me."

If you can decipher the otter language, please let us know!

This post was translated from Japanese.

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