You Should 100% Try This Weird Finger Trick

Seriously, how do you do this?!

Last month, Nigerian viral content website KRAKS TV posted this photo to its Twitter.

1k airtime for the 1st person to do this correctly ➡(Please reply this tweet with a picture of you doing it so I c…

It's unclear where the photo came from.

A few days later, Chinese TV personality Li Sisi posted a photo of her trying the challenge onto her Weibo page.

She wrote, "If you tried twisting your fingers like this after reading this post, raise your hand🙌"

Li's post got a load of people trying out the trick in the replies.

Apparently you need flexible fingers.

Some people jumped on the bandwagon and started showing off their finger-twisting prowess in other ways.

If you've been trying to twist your fingers while scrolling through this post, here are some tips.

Good luck, and please don't end up in A&E. ✊

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This post was translated from Japanese.