A Video Of A Tiny Dog Falling Over Has Become An Extremely Relatable Meme

"Morning people vs. me"

Meet Maguro and Tororo, two 7-year-old long-coat chihuahuas from Hiroshima, Japan. Last week, a video clip of the two of them waiting for their owner in the car became a meme.

In the video they're waiting in the car together, being cute. But then Maguro just starts sinking.

Oh dear.

The video quickly spread, with thousands of people finding Maguro's meltdown very relatable.

"Morning people vs me."

It went international.

Facebook: video.php

"When you're too tired to function😂"

To Brazil...


"When you're crying while heading straight to the hell called college."

...and Mexico...

#AmoLosJuevesPorque ya te puedes echar unas cubas (aunque mañana te arrepientas)

"The day after partying hard. Me in my thirties vs me when I was 20."

...and China too.

The dogs' owner, Mr. Yoshihara, told BuzzFeed News that Maguro's hilarious expression was thanks to her losing her footing while trying to sit.

He said he is surprised by the internet's response to the video: "I didn't think it was that funny."

You can find more pictures and videos of the two chihuahuas being cute on their Instagram.

This post was translated from Japanese.

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