This Cat Had The Best Reaction After He Was Caught Stealing A Piece Of Fish


Chibikuro is a black cat from Japan. He was recently caught trying to eat a stolen piece of fried fish.

Kuni-chan / Via

When his owner demanded to know, "Who has dared to steal this fish?" Chibikuro's reaction was extremely relatable.

"When I caught him with the fish, Chibikuro refused to release it no matter what," Chibikuro's owner, Kuni-chan, told BuzzFeed News.

"In the end, Chibikuro looked uncomfortable, so I gave up and let it go," he said.

Kuni-chan said Chibikuro is a year old, and loves mischief and food.

Chibikuro lives with Kuro, a cat who's four years older.

"It's interesting how cats can have such different personalities," he said. "But both cats are loved in our family."

This post was translated from Japanese.

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