This Amazing Cat Plays Piano Better Than You Ever Could

What an adorable duo.

Sarper Duman is a pianist from Turkey. Duman loves cats.

When Duman practices the piano at home, he always has his trusted assistant by his side.

The cat, who Duman calls Pianist Cat, sits on Duman's lap whenever he plays, and the two play together.

Sometimes Pianist Cat decides to start playing a solo.

And sometimes he dozes off while listening to the beautiful music.

Or gazes lovingly at Duman.

Don't you just love this duo? <3

Duman's videos of him and Pianist Cat have gone viral on Twitter, receiving thousands of retweets.

It's not easy being a pianist cat. He works very hard. And when he tired of playing the piano.. 🎹😺🐈🎶

People love the cat's calm demeanor and Duman's beautiful piano skills.

@sarperduman @SmartBitches That smile kills me!

@sarperduman He looks very pleased with himself and so he should be

@sarperduman forget abt the cat just for a moment..the tune itself is so soothing...thanx mate..👏

If you want to see more piano videos from Duman and Pianist Cat, check out his Instagram account or his Twitter.

This post was translated from Japanese.

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