This Photo Of Trump Dumping Carp Food In A Pond In Japan Has Become A Huge Meme

"It's such a 'president of the United States' thing to do."

On Sunday, President Donald Trump kicked off his tour in Asia, making his first visit to Japan.

Trump and Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe spent the first day of Trump's visit celebrating their friendship and making their "alliance even greater."

And playing golf.

Playing golf with Prime Minister Abe and Hideki Matsuyama, two wonderful people!

On Trump's second day in Japan, he and Abe enjoyed a little session of feeding carp at Akasaka Palace in Tokyo, before their working lunch.

Carp feeding is a decades-long tradition for world leaders to experience at the palace.

Towards the end of their feeding session, a photographer snapped a picture of Trump dumping all the remaining food into the pond.

Which of course went viral.

It should be noted, though, that Trump was only following Abe's lead.

Early morning twitter with lots of “how dare Trump dump his box of koi food” takes. Video shows Abe do it first.

Unfortunately, that didn't stop Japanese Twitter users from thinking the photo was hilarious.


"Mr. Abe's expression when looking at Trump feeding carp; can't help but to laugh."


"We spent Monday at a company cafeteria, laughing ourselves to death when we saw the photo of Trump feeding carp."

ちょ、鯉の餌やりそんなんちゃうwww 風情www 風情ゼロwww

"Wait, that's not how you feed carp lol. The elegance of carp feeding lol. No elegance at all lol."


"It's a photo of President Trump feeding carp, and it's such a 'president of the United States' thing to do."


"He was first feeding carp with a spoon, but he ended up pouring the food. The American president is super hilarious."

Some thought they could tell what kind of a person Trump is from the way he fed the fish.

トランプ大統領おもろいな(笑)本当に実業家だなー😆🤣 鯉にエサをあげるのも合理的だわー

"President Trump is funny, lol. He's really a businessman 😆🤣 Even the way he feeds these carp is rational."


"The way President Trump feeds these carp summarizes everything about his personality [gives a bitter laugh]."

Others thought that the photo was destined to "grow into an incredible meme."

RT 「鯉にエサをやるトランプ大統領」秀逸なコラ素材に育つ予感。

"I have a feeling that this photo of 'President Trump feeding carp' will grow into an incredible meme."

...and they were right.


"Mr. Abe's approval rating would've gone higher if he went against Trump's carp feeding like this."


"I can't get my work done, so I'm taking a break by creating a loop GIF of President Trump roughly feeding the carp."

However, a lot of people were sympathetic to Trump; some said they have hard time understanding why feeding carp is entertaining.

周りドン引きやん。隣のやつ、友達なら教えてあげたらいいのに。 トランプ大統領、迎賓館でコイに餌やり

"Everyone around is making awkward looks. If they're friends, the guy next to him should've taught Trump [how to feed carp]."

トランプの鯉への餌やりめっちゃわかるwww 最初はまだ風情だなんだって気分はあるんだけど1/3もいったら後はもう飽きちゃうのよ…w

"I totally understand why Trump is feeding carp that way lol. At first, there's a feeling of so appealing or something like that, but if you finish feeding one-third of the food, you just get"


"A photo of Mr. Trump throwing the food seems to be going around, but when I searched online, it turns out Mr. Abe was throwing his before Mr. Trump."


"Mr. Trump didn't seem to really get the art of feeding carp; I saw a charm of a little boy, and for some reason, I smiled. To feed carp little by little, and to watch them get closer to you by shaking their fins — these are ways to enjoy a relaxing time. But that seems impossible for a president who's busy."


"Trump pours the carp's food in a pond. And our prime minister, without telling [Trump], stares with a smirk on his face. In a way, this describes what the current US-Japan alliance looks like."

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