A Viral Otter Now Has Its Own Mascot That Is Also Incredibly Viral

Meet Chi-tan☆ again!

This is Chi-tan☆ — she is a baby Asian small-clawed otter from Akihabara, Japan.

バランスボールを買ってもらいましたっ☆ ちぃたん☆ですっ☆

She serves as the sightseeing ambassador for Susaki, Kochi, and is also an active YouTuber.

She is actually based of real life otter Chi-tan☆ who went super viral thanks to her adorable videos. So many people wanted to meet her that they made a mascot.


And so Chi-tan☆, the otter mascot, was born.

輪投げで遊ばせてもらいましたっ☆ ちぃたん☆ですっ☆

Chi-tan☆ posts videos of herself playing with locals.

友達を買ってもらいましたっ☆ ちぃたんですっ☆

People also send her sports equipment as gifts, which she makes videos with. These videos have gone super viral both in Japan and around the world.

倒れない棒買ってもらいましたっ☆ ちぃたん☆ですっ☆

買って貰ったトランポリンを破壊してしまいました、、 ちぃたん、、ですっ

筋トレマシーンを買ってもらいましたっ☆ ちぃたん☆ですっ☆

Chi-tan☆ has also become a meme!

Chi-tan☆ told BuzzFeed News that otters have a lot of energy, so she's just trying to burn it off with exercise.

ホッピングを買ってもらいましたっ☆ ちぃたん☆ですっ☆

スケボーを買ってもらいましたっ☆ ちぃたん☆ですっ☆

And she said she hopes her videos make people happy.

You can follow Chi-tan☆ on Twitter and/or YouTube ☆.

This post was translated from Japanese.

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