Here's What People In Hiroshima Thought About Obama's Visit

President Obama made a historic visit to the city on May 27. We asked people in Hiroshima how they felt about his speech.

President Barack Obama visited Hiroshima Peace Memorial on Friday. In a historic move, he became the first sitting U.S. president to visit the site.

BuzzFeed News asked people in Hiroshima about their impressions on Obama's visit and his speech. Here's what they said:

"This became a huge step towards total abolition of nuclear weapons."

"A historic step."

"A very huge, first step towards total abolition of nuclear weapons."

"I felt very happy."

"A first step towards a world without nuclear weapons."

"A step closer to peace."

"It's important for the world to think about how we should move on from here, rather than about Mr. Obama."

"It's wrong to think that he's become a symbol of peace just because he came here. If it was Trump..."

"This might only end as a legacy, but thanks for coming."

"We wanted to hear his honest impression of the Atomic Dome."

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