Even Dog People Will Fall In Love With This Cosplaying Cat Chef

Introducing your new favorite celebrity chef.

Three-year-old Maro has become a sensation, thanks to his adorable food themed outfits.

Maro's owners post pictures of him with food from around the world, plus matching outfits, to his Instagram page.

Since the account began two years ago, it has gained over 65,000 followers.

People love the photos of delicious food combined with the adorable Maro.

"I started taking these cosplay pictures because a friend suggested it," said Ms. Matsui, Maro's owner, to BuzzFeed News.

"There was a local festival at the time, so I bought a pet happi (a Japanese coat) and made him wear it. Since then, I slowly got into cosplaying, which escalated, and here I am now," she said.

"His clothes are handmade or bought at pet shops or secondhand shops and tailored to fit Maro."

Matsui said that it can take between five minutes to an hour to get a photo of Maro, depending on his mood.

And he doesn't sample any of the food he poses with, not even the sashimi.

Away from his life as an Instagram famous cat, Matsui says that Maro is a timid cat who is scared of their home's intercom.


This post was translated from Japanese.

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