A Mom Secretly Filmed Her Daughter Doing A Viral Dance Video And It's Hilarious

"When I was filming a video by myself, I heard my mom laughing, and it was like, what?! Are you filming this?!"

Maya, a high school senior from Japan, recently decided to dress up like No-Face from the movie Spirited Away and make a video for a dance that's currently going viral in Japan.


The dance is from the song "Love," which was made famous by the Japanese TV drama Running Away Is Shameful But Useful.

But it turns out Maya was not alone this whole time — her mom caught her dancing, secretly recorded a video, and uploaded it to Twitter, where it has since gone viral.

娘の様子がおかしい、、😰😰 #恋恥ダンス

"My daughter is acting strange…"

LMAO owned.

Maya told BuzzFeed News she felt like dancing after she saw a video of two girls doing the dance on Twitter.


"But then I thought that something wasn't quite right. I mean, that I could make it funnier," she said.


"I thought showing my face while dancing would be a little too much, so I put on my No-Face costume and did it," she said.


She added that she had the costume because her class was doing a play in the school festival.

“When I was filming the video of myself, I heard my mom laughing, and it was like, 'What?! Are you filming this?!'" Maya said.


She said she and her mom are surprised at how viral the video has become on Twitter.

"We're like, 'What?! 20,000 retweets?!?'" she said.

Luckily, Maya sent BuzzFeed News her dance video. So you can watch Maya's totally excellent No-Face dance here:

Maya / Via video-cdn.buzzfeed.com

This post was translated from Japanese.